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"You can attack me.

If you want me to die, you can harm me, haven't you harmed her enough already Give my mother back to me, give her back!" Lu Man beat up Lu Qi as if she had gone crazy.

Lu Qi had ruined her entire life and had even made her go to jail for eight years.

No outsider could imagine how she had survived those eight years.

As a newcomer, she had been bullied badly.

The prisoners in jail had formed cliques, and as women, they also had physical needs.

As there were no men, so they found women to take their place, using both mouth and hands.

Since she was a newcomer, she was naturally targeted.

Some people were scared of getting hit and hence resisted only a few times before giving in.

But she refused to.

Even when she was beaten until she was close to dying, she refused to give in.

She would rather endure physical pain than go and do such a thing.

Thankfully, later on, another female criminal, called Mi Qiansong, entered the prison,

She had indeed hurt someone, she had beat up a man until he was crippled, and had even cut off the most important part to a man.

This was because that man had brought people together to rape her sister, and had only been imprisoned for a few days before he was released.

He had not been properly punished.

Since they could not give her justice, Mi Qiansong went to seek justice herself.

She was skilled in martial arts and had once been a martial arts teacher.

She was righteous and was very popular with people.

After entering the jail and learning about Lu Man's situation, she became friends with Lu Man, and because Lu Man now had her protection, she had an easier time in jail.

If it was not for Mi Qiansong, Lu Man probably would not have lasted eight years.

It was because of her that Lu Man managed to learn some moves in prison.

At that moment, she was using what Mi Qiansong taught to keep a hold on Lu Qi.

It had not only completely immobilized Lu Qi, but it also made He Zhengbai was unable to save Lu Qi.

"Do you know that the when I was in prison, the only reason that made me persevere on was that my mother was still waiting for me out there Yet you caused her death! She never harmed you nor did she stand in your way, so how could you Return my mother to me!" Lu Man gave a shrill cry as if she wanted to cry her whole heart out.

But no matter what she did, her mother would never return.

She never even got a chance to see her mother for the last time.

Even until her death, her mother had to worry for her, and hence did not die peacefully.

Lu Man knew that just before her death, her mother was definitely very worried about her.

Clenching her teeth, Lu Qi just kept crying without saying anything.

She really looked like she was the one who had been wronged, drawing pity from onlookers.

But why

Of course, there was a reason, but she could not say it out.

She had to maintain her image of the victim.

Lu Man had said that Xia Qingwei had never stood in her way

How could that be true!

If it was not for Xia Qingwei, why would she have been talked about behind her back for so many years

People gossiped that even though she was not Lu Qiyuan's biological daughter, she was still more favored than Lu Man and had stolen everything that actually belonged to Lu Man, stealing Lu Man's place.

But in reality, she was indeed Lu Qiyuan's daughter, his biological daughter, and an actual heiress to the Lu Family.

It was not that she had stolen Lu Man's place.

Yet because of Xia Qingwei and Lu Man, all these years, she had been forced to suffer under people's judging gazes.

They felt that although she was not Lu Qiyuan's child, yet she still received so much, thus she was just lucky.

When actually she didn't receive it, she deserved all of it.

Receiving it meant that she had just been lucky.

Yet these, these things originally belonged to her, but she could not tell anyone the truth.

She had suffered for so many years just because of Xia Qingwei and Lu Man!

So of course, she hated them to the core, in fact, she detested them!

As Lu Man always acted superior to her, she always emphasized that she was the real daughter of the Lu Family, and Lu Qi was nothing but just a step-daughter.

If it was not for Xia Qingwei and Lu Man, why would she have to endure it all those years

Even though she utterly detested them, she still had to accept everything without protest.

She hated Xia Qingwei and she hated Lu Man.

She wanted them to die!

Now that Xia Qingwei was dead, she won't let Lu Man go either!


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