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Chapter 1404: Announcing the Name List

But in the end, she actually got chosen.

They wouldnt believe it if they said that Lu Man wasnt part of the reason that they got chosen.

Hence, the three were especially grateful to Lu Man.

Having earned an income during the holidays, they would not only have less burden during the new term, but the three of them would also not be embarrassed if the other classmates questioned them.

This bunch of people so hooked on comparing was indeed grating on the nerves.

“Its also because youre capable enough.

Otherwise, if there were many who were better competitors than you, the advertising company wouldnt have cared one bit about who I am.” Lu Man smiled and said, “You earned these based on your own abilities.”

“Dont say that, we know how big of an influence you are in their decision.

Even if were capable enough, there are so many others similarly well-matched.

Why would the company choose us over them Isnt it still because of you That aside, you were the reason weve had the chance to go for the interviews.

We wouldnt otherwise have known how to go about it.”

“Thats right,” Pan Xue said gratefully.

“Lu Man, no matter what happens in the future, no matter how long after, I, Pan Xue, will always support you!”

“Me too.”

“Me too.”

Zheng Yuan and Han Leilei both agreed.

“I wanted to introduce you to some web dramas since web dramas are the rage now and many newcomers become popular because of them.

But because of the school rules, Im afraid Id get you girls into trouble if you took on the roles, so I introduced you to advertisements instead.

Youre in your junior year now.

After this year in your senior year, you can take on filming roles,” Lu Man explained.

“We understand.” Zheng Yuan nodded.

“Even if you really introduced us to roles in web dramas, we wouldnt dare to take them too.

Even when it was you filming a movie back then, it still also caused such a huge storm.”

Zheng Yuan shrank into herself.

“We lost the guts even more.

We shall just wait patiently until Year Four.”

“If it wasnt for Director Sun, I wouldnt have wanted to get into that mess as well.

So I didnt take on any other roles after Red Tiger.” Otherwise, based on the popularity of Red Tiger, Lu Man would have had plenty of offers for other roles.

When Red Tiger was popular, that had been the best time for Lu Man to capitalize on her popularity.

But the best time for that was now over.

“To be on the safe side, lets just wait until next year.” Anyway, Zheng Yuan and the others had no fear of receiving no roles with Lu Man beside them.

Han Leilei peeked at Zhuang Tingtings and Yu Jingxians side and said gleefully, “See how Zhuang Tingting and Yu Jingxian always follow after Zhang Xiaoying, but they cant even land an advertisement, much less depend on Zhang Xiaoying to recommend them to production teams.

Its quite funny looking at them now.”

Just then, Teacher Liang carried a stack of documents in.

Everyone quietened down.

Fan Xiyue asked impatiently, “Teacher Liang, are you announcing the names of the exchange students today”

“Yes.” Teacher Liang smiled gently.

“Im announcing them today.

But dont be impatient, listen to me first.”

Everyone listened in silence.

Teacher Liang then continued, “When the results were uploaded to the Net previously, extra credits were not factored in.

Because of the schools consideration, extra credits are more important than this, so itll affect the rankings.

So its better to announce the names face-to-face.

If anyone has any questions, its also easier to ask and Ill explain on the spot.”

Everyone nodded, feeling that the schools considerations were well thought out.

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