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Chapter 1406: Looking Extremely Upset

Thinking about this made Yu Jingxian uncontrollably agitated.

Her whole body started to visibly shake from agitation as she tried her best to suppress her emotions.

She secretly clenched her fists under the table to suppress the agitation in her heart.

However, her face was still flushed with excitement.

It was impossible to hide it.

Zhuang Tingting glared at Yu Jingxian coldly.

She looked extremely upset.

How could she not be

All along, it had been her and Yu Jingxian currying favor with Zhang Xiaoying.

She always felt that Yu Jingxian and her were the same kind.

Yet now, the little buddy whom she thought was not that capable suddenly shot to the sky and was about to be selected into the most precious 3-man list that would allow them to further their studies in New York.

How could she remain calm

It was impossible to remain calm about this!

“This time, we wanted to explain the additional points segment in front of everyone because, apart from the Chinese Arts Championships results, we will also give additional points for the activities everyone did over the summer.

The points will be based on the level of influence of the activities you participated in,” Teacher Liang said.

Everyone instantly felt hopeful and broke into hushed discussions among themselves excitedly.

“Are they going to count the work we did over the summer into our additional points”

Yu Jingxian and Zhuang Tingtings clique instantly felt uneasy.

Zhuang Tingting was still fine.

Her exam results did not rank very high either.

Even if she added additional points, she still would not get anywhere.

She knew long ago that she did not stand much of a chance in the competition for the exchange student spot.

Even though she was angry when she saw that Yu Jingxian stood a chance, she knew very well where she stood.

Hence, when she heard what Teacher Liang said, her emotions did not have much of a change.

Anyway, no matter how many points were added, it would be none of her business.

In contrast, things were different for Yu Jingxian.

Yu Jingxian had been giving her all to be chosen as part of the team to go on exchange.

She performed extremely well just like she did in the previous final exams, which made everyone shocked.

So when she heard Teacher Liang mention this, Yu Jingxians face immediately fell.

With this turn of events, her total score might not secure her position in the top three.

When she was chatting with the others just now, she also found out what the others went to do over the summer.

Some of them shot advertisements, some were in MVs, while some went to be commercial print models.

Hers seemed to be lacking a little.

She just went to shoot a print advertisement, and it was for a small brand.

It was not widely promoted, so the popularity level was low.

In this case, she would not have much of an advantage in getting additional points.

There was not a huge difference between her score and the people behind her to begin with.

She was not like Lu Man.

Even if Lu Man did not consider her additional points, her exam results alone would still be higher than Zhang Xiaoyings, who was in second place.

It was different for her.

The gap between her score and that of Han Leilei, who was in fourth place, was not very big.

If a sudden mishap were to occur, her points might just be taken over by Han Leilei.

What did Han Leilei do over the holidays

Yu Jingxian turned to Han Leilei.

She did not hear about Han Leilei and her clique getting any big activities.

They seemed to have been ushers at an exhibition last year, so they probably would not have done any better this year.

Yu Jingxian turned her gaze away quietly.

She did not know that there was someone else more anxious than she was at the scene.

That person was Lu Qi.

Lu Qi had been focused on getting into the good books of the teachers over the summer, so she probably never thought of going to find any work.

She was no longer popular now, yet she still felt like she was a big star.

She was disdainful of the small events, yet the big events were disdainful of her.

Hence, she did not do anything for this whole summer.

She did not know that even this could be considered for additional points.

There was no such thing in the past.

Although she was no longer eligible to participate in the competition, she still had a little bit of hope.

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