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She was just finding excuses for her own failure.

“Now, I will announce the three students that will be part of the team to go on exchange to New York University from our school.

They are Lu Man, Zhang Xiaoying, and Han Leilei,” Teacher Liang said.

Zhang Xiaoying felt that she would rather be in a team with Han Leilei than with Yu Jingxian.

“Wait!” another voice called out.

Teacher Liang sighed inwardly.

Why were there so many things going on today Couldnt they just be content with what they had

She looked over and saw that it was Lu Qi who stood up.

When Teacher Liang saw her, she felt like she knew what was coming.

Indeed, Lu Qi asked, “Teacher Liang, from what I know, Lu Man had already rejected the chance to go to New York University to study for a year.

Why is Lu Man still allowed to hold on to a spot This is unfair.”

Everyone was shocked when they heard Lu Qi say that.

“What Lu Man gave up the chance to go to New York University to study”


“With Han Zhuoli as her husband, any kind of opportunity is fluff in Lu Mans eyes.

What opportunities would she not have if she wanted them Lu Man did not even care for a spot that everyone was fighting their heads off for.

Why does it sound so hateful saying it out like this”

“I personally heard you discussing this with Teacher Wang when I was in your office, Teacher Liang.

Lu Man has already officially rejected the chance to go to New York University as an exchange student,” Lu Qi said.

“Since thats the case, we cant just let Lu Man hold on to that spot for nothing.

If shes not going, dont tell me this spot will still be hers Since shes already not going, this spot should be given out for someone else who wants to go more.”

Lu Qi even eyed Yu Jingxian when she said that.

Anyway, it was impossible for her to go.

If she found someone to replace Lu Man and Lu Man ended up not being able to go, she would be happy as well.

Teacher Liangs face finally darkened.

She completely disliked Lu Qi as a student now.

Aside from the fact that she was about to end up dead by her own hand, even back then when Lu Qi was at her peak, Teacher Liang would still dislike her if there was a reason for her to dislike her.

“Lu Man had indeed rejected the opportunity before.

However, after a discussion with and persuasion by the school, we have already come up with a possible resolution,” Teacher Liang said.

“What we were discussing back then was Lu Mans personal opinion.

I also told you back then that the final decision had not been made.”

“Then has Lu Man decided to go” Lu Qi asked.

“You guys will know sooner or later anyway.

Not long after, the school will release a public announcement about it,” Teacher Liang said.

“Lu Man does not need to go to New York for exchange, but she will retain her spot as an exchange student so that she can participate in the friendly competition at the end.”

Everyone was shocked.

This treatment was way too good.

Such a special treatment would probably only be enjoyed by Lu Man!

“This is unfair!” Lu Qi and Yu Jingxian said almost at the same time.

Yu Jingxian was not going to pretend anymore.

In front of the opportunity to go to New York, everything else was fluff.

However, Yu Jingxian still felt that it was not good for her to say it at the same time as Lu Qi.

That would make it seem like she was colluding with Lu Qi.

But that was not the truth at all!

She would not stoop to colluding with Lu Qi.

Hence, right after she said that, Yu Jingxian stopped talking again so as not to seem as shameless as Lu Qi.

Zhang Xiaoying could see through Yu Jingxians hesitation and scoffed.

This was a classic example of a person who leads the life of a whore while pretending to be chaste.

When Lu Qi saw that Yu Jingxian was bent on not speaking, she gritted her teeth in anger and could only say it herself.

“Since Lu Man had already given up the chance to go to New York to study, why is she still allowed to hold on to that spot Since she doesnt want to study, isnt she just…”

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