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Chapter 1414: Something Wrong with His Brain

“Isnt it better to give a material award Thats going too far!”

“Who suggested it Arent they bullying people”

“The four academies all have their own wall of fame.

There are many talented artistes who contributed significantly to society who went on to have a spot at the wall of fame, starting from the founding of the schools.

Theyre the pride of the schools.

But whats with the hanging of other schools flags Its humiliation!”

“Which m*ron suggested it New York University”

Teacher Liang smiled bitterly.

How could she say that such an idi*tic idea had been suggested by their own department of education

She had no idea what the other party was thinking; obviously, theres something wrong with his brain.

There were many factors leading to the slower growth of the local entertainment scene.

Whats more, the team of exchange students going to New York was the best of the top four schools, and they still lost terribly year after year.

How could they even hope for the students remaining here to win against the incoming exchange students

The remaining students were the ones who failed to make it to the list of exchange students!

Its not that Teacher Liang was boosting others morale and reducing their own courage, but the truth was the truth.

They had to know their ability and limits and not be overly prideful.

She reckoned that the leader who made this decision was hoping to use this method to inspire the students who might then fare better than their usual standards.

But no matter how inspired they got, their abilities were just at that standard.

How much better could they do

There was just something wrong with the leaders brain!

No matter what, they couldnt hang another schools flag on their wall of fame.

What did one even mean by that

Teacher Liang got angry thinking about this.

“On the other hand, if one from our side won, we could also hang our flag on NYUs wall of fame,” Teacher Liang said.

New York University agreeing to this bet was proof that they certainly thought that none of them here could win.

“Theres no clash between the exchange competition here and the exchange competition held there with our exchange students.

We have no idea what kind of students NYU will send our way.

Hence, to be on the safe side, the exchange students will head to NYU on the agreed time, but Lu Man will stay and lead the school team to take on the challenge here.

“After that, before the exchange competition at NYU starts, Lu Man will head over to NYU and join the team of exchange students there and work with them.

Theyll then participate in the competition,” Teacher Liang said.

“Hence, even if Lu Man had agreed to go to New York, she cant go now that theres this.

She has to join both teams.” They were not hoping for victory, just praying that they wouldnt lose too terribly.

Everyone could see now that the four academies were using Lu Man as their trump card.

When they thought about it, they had no other feelings because Lu Man had always been their classmate.

But in fact, Lu Man represented the highest standard of the students majoring in performing.

Four major schools actually needed Lu Man to support their side.

“Now, who else has an opinion about Lu Man occupying the spot” Teacher Liang surveyed the classroom.

At this time, whod still dare to voice their objections

Lu Man was holding a spot and a heavy responsibility.

Its a spot that held the pressure and labor of fighting NYU in the upcoming exchange competitions.

Because Lu Man was regarded to be the ace by the schools, the burden naturally fell on her.

If anything went wrong, its on Lu Man.

Teacher Liang did say that they werent hoping for victory, just a less horrible loss.

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