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Chapter 1420: The First

“I wont say a thing.

Its just strangely embarrassing looking at these since Im really not sacrificing anything!” Lu Man chuckled helplessly.

“But the endings all the same,” Principal Liu said.

“Anyway, if I say that youre staying for the school, then you are staying for the school.”

Lu Man was grateful—Principal Liu was doing it all for her.

“Alright.” Lu Man nodded.

“Thank you.”

She wouldnt put on a pretense, acting like “youre all so fake, Im the only honest person here,” for that would be an utter waste of Principal Lius considerations.

At this moment, the principal of Donghua Academy of Drama also spoke up.

“Regarding the issue of our team of exchange students participating in the exchange competition at New York, you netizens might not have known about it, hence not realizing that every year, our students there would take part in the friendly competition.

Its a bit embarrassing to say that weve never won once.

Not once.

“Ten students every year, and all had lost terribly.

Not one winner.

This time, New York University is sending their students over here for a friendly competition, and the winner can hang his flag on the losing partys wall of fame.

This is a matter of pride.

Its something worse than losing prize money—its unacceptable.

To spell it out plainly, as the champion of the Chinese Arts Championships, Lu Man stood out the most from the performing schools across the nation.

Shes currently the first among all of the countrys students majoring in acting.

“Were not asking Lu Man to win the competition as that would be too demanding and the pressure will be too great.

How can we ask her of that when weve never won before We only hope that as the first across all the nations performing schools, she could join both competitions to increase our fighting chances.

“Lu Man knew this and accepted it.

How great must her responsibility and pressure be Still, she shouldered it by herself.

Its no longer about helping her school, its about fighting for the younger generation in our acting industry!

“The responsibility Lu Man took on is, frankly, totally unbeneficial to her.

As she is the best, people will think it normal for her to win, and no one will know of her difficulties.

If we lost, shell be blamed and criticized that she doesnt deserve the title of “best,” that her acting skills are lacking and cant compare to that of others.

All the pressure is on her and she has nothing to gain from it.

If she was truly for herself, she wouldve gone straight to New York and rejected our proposal.

We cant force her to accept either.

If there was no issue of occupying the slot but not going to New York, I wouldnt have done this, being forced to tell the truth.

Even now, after the truth is out, Lu Man gained nothing from it, only greater pressure.”

The netizens were silent.

No one thought that it would be like this.

“I dont know what others are thinking, but Im stating here that I wont pressure Lu Man.

Just as Principal Liu said, weve never won before—we could even say that we were totally wiped out—and we cant expect Lu Man to turn the tide on her own.

Its not a persons responsibility, its everyones.

Lu Mans willingness to accept this now means that shes living up to all the honors she had won.

After so many years of defeat, nobody can ask for Lu Man to succeed this year.”

“Thats right, dont give Lu Man pressure.

We can support her, but dont give willful demands.

If we win, we have to see the hard work she put in; and if we lose, we cant blame anyone.

Not only Lu Man, the others in the team just have to do your best.

Our local entertainment industry already differ from Hollywood greatly, but we can slowly improve ourselves and catch up to them one day.”

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