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Chapter 1422: Explosive


Flamers, Lu Mans asking, how many followers do you all have”

“Some just couldnt do it themselves and yet still look down upon others.”

“Lu Mans right.

We should never care about what the anti-fans say.

Whoever takes them seriously loses.

Were depreciating ourselves by caring about them!”

“Hahahaha, Lu Man has never cared about you active anti-fans who keep showing up everywhere.

Are you all having fun Having fun all by yourselves!”

Lu Man finished posting and didnt continue reading after that, for she truly did not care for it.

Whats the point of caring about them Theres totally no need for it.

Han Zhuoli just ended his call and said to her, “Ive checked, its Lu Qi.”

Lu Man did not hesitate and contacted Da Xiong instantly.

After knowing its Lu Qi for sure, the two of them, who were familiar and had good chemistry, decided what to do.

Da Xiong still had the recording so Lu Man didnt have to send it to him.

“Just perfect.

If we seize the chance to upload now, we can divert some of the netizens attention,” Da Xiong said.

Lu Man thought so too.

She didnt feel any burden using Lu Qi to divert attention.

“Ill find a few accounts to post and raise popularity,” Lu Man said.

Soon, Lu Man had contacted several accounts.

She didnt contact Eight Skin Entertainment this time as Eight Skin Entertainment was too iconic.

As long as Eight Skin Entertainment published anything, the netizens first reaction would be to think that Lu Man was related to it.

Eight Skin Entertainment had worked with Lu Man for far too many times, and as Lu Qi was involved this time, it would only serve to reinforce the netizens initial reaction.

Hence, Lu Man felt the need to do it more discreetly.

But she did inform Eight Skin Entertainment beforehand.

The two of them did have a good relationship—more than a mere working relationship, they were more like friends.

Lu Man did not want Eight Skin Entertainment to misunderstand and feel uncomfortable.

Eight Skin Entertainment never thought that Lu Man would be so considerate that shed even explain the situation to him.

Naturally, he didnt feel uncomfortable and was extremely understanding.

“Okay, then, after Da Xiong has released it and after the other accounts have reposted once, Ill then repost it too.

Otherwise, itll be really suspicious and unusual if I didnt repost news about the entertainment industry,” Eight Skin Entertainment said.

Lu Man thought so too.

Not long after, Da Xiong posted the clip online and informed Lu Man, “Its up, but I reckon itll be deleted soon since the recording is, well, *that*.

It wont be allowed to spread for sure.”


But this little time is more than enough, therell be people wholl download it,” Lu Man predicted.

As long as there were downloads, there would be a private circulation.

Its enough for Lu Qi to die once.

Because Lu Man had already arranged for massive repostings and a surge in topic discussion, the subject reached the top of the most-searched entries within a short minute.

The netizens who hadnt seen it clicked it curiously.

And saw Da Xiongs post: “Unnamed female star had a battle in boyfriends office blatantly.

Her voice is so loud, it can be heard in space.

All are welcome to guess her identity based on her voice.”

An audio clip accompanied the post.

“My goodness! Explosive!”

“Download quickly!”

The netizens downloaded it hurriedly.

Indeed, within another minute, Da Xiongs post was deleted.

“Deleted! Its deleted!”

“Thats expected.

Such obscenity will be removed for sure.

Luckily, Ive downloaded it just now.”

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