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“D*mn, I came late.

Any friends have the resources Send to me please!”

And so, now there was no one guessing who the star in the recording was.

The only two topics were about wanting and giving the recording.

“The cloud drive failed, upload another one!”

Lu Man found another batch of people to promote this in other forums and in Tieba.

Since Lu Qi was looking for trouble, then shell help Lu Qi become famous.

After the round of resource sharing came to a close, various guesses then surfaced on the Net.

Lu Man also contacted people to pretended to be netizens and lead them to the correct guess.

“The voice sounds similar to Lu Qis.

This is a previous clip of Lu Qis interview.”

“But the voice during *those* sessions is different from the normal speaking voice.”

“Cant be helped.

Lu Qi has no new shows and all her shows before were dubbed over.

We dont have her original voice.”

“I remember seeing some behind-the-scenes of Lu Qis filming.

Its not dubbed over.

Ill go and find it.

Thanks to the reminder, her voice does sound like the one in the recording.”

After the person finished commenting, another person found the video.

“Is it this The male and female leads have a crying scene and Lu Qi sounds really coquettish.”

“Right, right, right.

When I saw this, I felt that her voice was a bit… heh heh heh.

Not sure if shes doing it on purpose.

She doesnt talk like this usually.

“Any experts out there who can produce an audio comparison”

“This is really Lu Qi.

Isnt her boyfriend He Zhengbai This was her with He Zhengbai in He Zhengbais office at his company.

The workers in the office all heard them then.

My friends an employee of He Zhengbais company and had told me before.

This happened some time ago, but not too long ago either, probably a couple of months back.

Not sure if Da Xiong just received this news or have kept it until now.”

“Person above, are you sure its alright to sell out your friend like this If your friend is really He Zhengbais employee, wouldnt he or she be found out quickly”

“Its okay.

If I dare to say it, it means its alright.

I wont say more, however; dont want to get my friend into trouble.”

Hence, more and more people appeared to prove that that was Lu Qi.

Someone even posted a screenshot of their WeChat conversation.

It was all sent when their friend was working at He Zhengbais company.

“My friends decided to quit anyway.

He Zhengbais company sucks.

The pay is low but theres so much work.

Point is, He Zhengbai never even receive any huge projects.

Theres no prospect working in his company at all; its useless no matter how hard you work.” The comment was followed by a screenshot of the complaints made by the netizens friend.

Their conversation also showed that the netizen had just sent a question: “Lu Qis recording is exposed on the Net, and everybodys guessing that thats her.”

“Thats her, alright.”

Netizen: “Then do you mind me saying it out”

“Its fine, Ive quit anyway.

He Zhengbai cant control me now.”

“Okay, then, Ill post our conversation directly.

Ill censor your details.”

Based on the conversation, the two seemed close, so after the other party agreed, the netizen then posted the screenshot.

As for the audio comparison, Lu Man did not know any experts in that area so she could only consult Han Zhuoli.

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