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Chapter 1441: Survivor

This minute change in his expression was missed by Old Mrs.

Han and Lin Liye.

When they looked at him again, he was once more the aloof, hard-to-impress prince.

Old Mrs.

Han sighed in resignation.

“You just dont want a plastic face, is that it Fine, Ill help you keep an eye out.”

Han Zhuoling rubbed his temples.

“Grandma, Im really not interested in this area for now.

Regardless of whether I had feelings for Xia Yixin or not, Im newly divorced and dont want to hurry yet.”

“Then when do you think its appropriate and when will you find a lady you like Were not forcing you either, but you should at least have the will to do it, right If you dont like her, we also wont force you to marry her.

The lesson learned from your previous marriage is that obviously, its more important for you to like her.

But you have to give us some hope too! Youre not even willing to seek someone for yourself.”

Old Mrs.

Han continued, “Dont say that Zhuoli found Lu Man only when he was 30.

He wasnt pessimistic like you.

He really wanted to find a lady he likes, but he just hadnt found her yet.”

After being pointed out by Old Mrs.

Han as a role model once more, Han Zhuoli was extremely smug and straightened his back, full of self-confidence.

Han Zhuoling: “…”

“But what about you Youre not proactive at all, not even having the heart to find and not letting us introduce you to them either.

How is this acceptable” Old Mrs.

Han said unhappily.

Han Zhuoling thought for a moment before saying, “Why dont you give me more time”

“How long” Old Mrs.

Han knew that she couldnt pressure him either.

“You have to give us an estimate, right”

Han Zhuoling considered before saying, “Im 33 this year.

Ill marry for sure before Im 40.”

Pausing, he added, “Marry someone that I definitely like.”

“Forty years old Thats too long, its seven whole years! When you have a child, wouldnt you be in yourautumn years then” Old Mrs.

Han pursed her lips.


Ill give you five years.

Two years for you to enjoy your freedom and another three for you to find a wife.

You shall have found one by then.”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

“If I must say, youve had twenty-odd years of bachelorhood already.

I dont even want to give you those two years.” Old Mrs.

Han sniffed.

Han Zhuoling: “…”

Just then, Han Zhuolis phone rang.

It was Zheng Tianming.

Zheng Tianmings call was likely to be work-related, so Han Zhuoli went aside to pick it up.

After listening for a short while, Han Zhuoli said, “Hold on, Ill put it on speakers.

Lu Mans here too and she can listen in.”

As Han Zhuoli did not walk far when he spoke, Lu Man looked over when she heard her name mentioned.

Seeing Han Zhuoli walk over, Lu Man thought that something had happened again.

She felt resigned that there were always people trying to make trouble for her.

Han Zhuoli smiled as he put his phone on the coffee table.

“Its not a bad thing.

Its work-related.”

Zheng Tianming knew that Han Zhuoli was in his family home, so he greeted Old Mrs.

Han and the others respectively before continuing, “Its like this.

Our company invested in Dong Hua Stations new variety show called Survivor.

Its a large-scale outdoor reality show thats not been done before locally.

Dong Hua Station handed the proposal to us, and after the company assessed it, we felt that it was not bad and decided to invest.

“For now, its set that this variety show will have a rotating system for resident MCs, and theres a total of 12 resident MCs.

Every week, six MCs will be switched.

And according to the weeks results, the MCs will be ranked.

The first for the week will gain 10 points; the second, nine points; the third, seven points; the fourth, four points; the fifth, one point; and the sixth, no points.”

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