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Chapter 1443: Two Choose One

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And Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli were being invited because both of them were famous enough.

The number of followers on each of their Weibo accounts was not lower than that of an A-list celebrity.

Not to mention, both of them were devilishly handsome and their Weibo had tons of fangirls styling themselves as their wives.

Han Zhuoling used to be active in Europe in the past, so not many in China knew him.

With his detached nature, work was his life and he wouldnt have touched Weibo at all.

Posting one word on Weibo was a waste of his working time.

Hence, the fans were all over at Han Zhuolis side.

Afterward, Han Zhuoli got married and the “wife-fans” howled in agony.

All of a sudden, the many “wife-fans” seemed to have lost their life goals, lost the direction of their fantasies, and felt so, so empty.

And just then, Han Zhuoling returned to the country and made his first public appearance in the Fei Yue International Film Festival.

Its alright if Han Zhuoling didnt have the time to open a Weibo account.

Han Zhuoli asked Han Zhuolings assistant, Tong Chunian, to create one for him and authenticate it.

Because of his appearance at the film festival, his good looks managed to win over Han Zhuolis “wife-fans,” who had just accepted the fact that their “husband” was having an “affair.”

Plus, there was the fact that Han Zhuoling just had a divorce, that the fault was his ex-wifes, and that the child wasnt even his.

It might sound embarrassing, but this managed to trigger a vast majority of females sympathy for him.

Han Zhuolings fans skyrocketed, as if tied to a missile.

Han Zhuoling had the cold aura of a domineering CEO, and his charisma made the “wife-fans” all the more deeply in love with him.

Hence, Han Zhuolings or Han Zhuolis popularity never fell.

Along with the fact that Survivor was being invested in by the Han Corporation itself, their invitation for Han Zhuoling or Han Zhuoli to participate was appropriate.

Lu Man quickly understood Dong Hua Stations reasoning.

Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli should have known by now too.

Just then, they heard Zheng Tianming ask, “Dong Hua Station is asking, would either one of you like to join the cast”

“Hold on,” Han Zhuoli told Zheng Tianming.

He never ended the call, so he just assumed that they were having a teleconference.

“I think that either of us joining the show will be good,” Han Zhuoli said, speaking his mind.

“The Han Corporation invested a large amount in the show, and the show is the most heavily funded with the biggest production in the history of variety shows.

Because of this, its not allowed to fail.

Dong Hua Station bears the stress, as does the Han Corporation.

If it fails, the Han Corporation will suffer losses too.

Money is one thing, but worse is the hit that the Han Corporations reputation would take.

“If I may say something prideful, the Han Corporation has never failed in its investments.

Not once.

If there was even a single failure, wed be mocked,” Han Zhuoli said.

“Plus, the show has the limelight now.

With such a big investment, there are so many pairs of eyes watching us.

Competitors in the same industry will also use underhanded means to make trouble for the show, and therell be plenty of flaming and criticism for it.

If Big Brother or I can use our presence to control the situation, there can at least be a guarantee for the viewership ratings.”

“Dong Hua Station wishes that either Young Master Han or Young Master Ling can appear on the first week,” Zheng Tianming said.

“If you agree to join the show.”

“This is also good for advertising the Han Corporation.” Old Mrs.

Han nodded her agreement.

Though the Han Corporation was the leader in their industry at present, Han Zhuoli had never been over-confident because of this, such that hed think the Han Corporation had no need for further improvement and that no one could catch up to them.

Its because Han Zhuoli had always harbored a humble heart, never being arrogant, and that was why the Han Corporation was able to maintain its standards and constantly did better than before.

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