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Chapter 1464: Shell Do

Yuan Yinas face was totally red and she shook with anger.

She did harbor such thoughts and was intending to seduce him.

But didnt such flings have something to do with willingness from both parties

She hinted at him, and he understood her.

But he neednt say it aloud in front of so many others even if he was unwilling!

What pride had she left

There were so many other makeup artists here.

How was she to expand within the industry in the future

These people wouldnt help her keep it a secret, and if shes working next time, how would others view her when they knew she “s*xually harassed” Han Zhuoling

Not just this.

Yuan Yina suddenly thought of a scarier situation.

All her clients belonged to the upper echelons of society.

And even if she wanted to develop some relationship among these upper classes, she would choose those better-looking ones.

But most among her clients were those old lechers.

If this matter spread, those lechers would definitely take advantage of her when she was working with them.

Yuan Yina paled, finally feeling dread.

She never expected that Han Zhuoling would react this way.

If youre unwilling, then so be it!

Why did you have to say it out loud!

But no one bothered with how Yuan Yina was feeling right now.

After his initial shock, Lu Dongliu immediately said, “Then shall I see whos willing to switch with her”

Lu Dongliu got ready to ask the others.

It wasnt that big of a problem if Han Zhuoling wanted to switch makeup artists.

The others would surely do Han Zhuoling the favor.

Just then, Han Zhuoling spotted Shi Xiaoya about to apply eyeliner to Qin Zigou.

Lifting his eyelid, Shi Xiaoya lowered her head and drew closer to him.

They looked like they were kissing in that position.

Han Zhuoling looked and felt that it was an eyesore, weirdly.

And recalled that time at the film festival when she and Qin Zigou were joking around, behaving intimately.

Young Master Ling pointed with his long finger.

“Shell do.”

Following Han Zhuolings fingers direction, Lu Dongliu caught sight of Shi Xiaoya.

There was nobody else around her, so there was no misunderstanding.

Everyone—including Yuan Yina—thought that Han Zhuoling would choose a male makeup artist for sure to avoid what had just happened.

Who knew hed pick Shi Xiaoya in the blink of an eye!

Everyone was stunned into silence, all looking at Shi Xiaoya.

Yuan Yinas face was full of disbelief, her features contorting in anger.

Han Zhuoling wanted to switch to someone else, and he chose Shi Xiaoya, of all people

Hes not afraid that Shi Xiaoya would harass him

Han Zhuoling used his finger to point at Shi Xiaoya but did not call her by name.

So Shi Xiaoya did not know that Han Zhuoling was talking about her.

Shi Xiaoya finally felt that something was wrong in the strange silence of the room.

Raising her head, she noticed that everyone was looking at her.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

What were they looking at her for

Lu Dongliu felt mentally exhausted.

He dared not offend Han Zhuoling, but he couldnt offend Qin Zigou either!

Both were big bosses.

Lu Dongliu peeked at Han Zhuoling before biting the bullet and approaching Qin Zigou.

As he went over, he sighed.

Why did he invite Qin Zigou anyway

Or rather, why did he arrange for Qin Zigou and Han Zhuoling to appear in the same shoot

At the time, he remembered only that Qin Zigou was a top-notch fashion designer, forgetting that he hailed from the Qin Family.

“Cris,” Lu Dongliu called.

“Its like this.

Theres a sudden change over here, so can you let Xiaoya and Yuan Yina switch places and let Yuan Yina be your makeup artist”

Shi Xiaoya was totally dazed.

Though she wanted a bit of a challenge, she never thought of taking on a challenge like Han Zhuoling.

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