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Chapter 1469: Really a Little Thirsty for Some Reason

And now

Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling were about to kiss each other.

Why did Han Zhuoling not say anything

This differential treatment was too much!

“Hah! Shameless thing!” Yuan Yina felt that this was Shi Xiaoyas way of seducing Han Zhuoling!

Han Zhuoling probably liked Shi Xiaoya but not her, right

She thought that she now understood everything.

What else was there left for Yuan Yina to say, then

She then went back again in a fit of rage.

On the way back, Yuan Yina said, still angry, “Shi Xiaoya has such good sources now.

I bet she got it through doing shameless deeds!”

On this end, Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling both did not know Yuan Yina had come and gone.

Han Zhuoling could not help putting his attention on her face.

He did not know if she had already put on foundation.

How can her face be so smooth that there were no pores at all

If she had already put it on, it was impossible to tell.

It seemed like she did not have any makeup on at all.

Han Zhuolings fingers twitched and he almost wanted to touch her face to see if any powder would come off.

His gaze shifted down from her face and landed on her lips for some reason.

He could tell that she had lipstick on, but it was a very faint and light color.

It complemented her good complexion well and made her lips look soft and supple.

And it was not the glittering kind.

It was like a second skin on top of her lips and looked very clean.

Han Zhuolings thoughts wandered in his mind.

Those glittery kinds were not good.

It looked like oil smeared on top.

Kissing it would feel sticky as well.

This kind was better.

Clean and neat.

It would definitely feel good when kissing.

Han Zhuoling stared at Shi Xiaoyas lips and subconsciously licked his lip.

Coincidentally, Shi Xiaoya was done drawing his eyeliner.

She straightened her back and relaxed.

Her gaze shifted and suddenly froze.

She happened to see Han Zhuoling doing that move.

Han Zhuoling: “…”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Why did he look so seductive when he licked his lips!

Shi Xiaoyas faced turned red and her mind was burning as she said, “Young… Young Master Ling, are you thirsty Do you want water”

“…” Han Zhuoling stiffened for a moment.

He really wanted to ask her, why did she think he was thirsty

He stared at her lips and really felt thirsty for some reason.

Han Zhuoling suddenly leaned forward and Shi Xiaoya got a shock.

That utterly handsome face right in front of her almost bumped into her chest.

Shi Xiaoya reflexively stepped back to avoid it.

Yet the moment she stepped back, she hit the dressing table right behind her.

She leaned back instinctively, and there was no room for her to step back anymore.

Luckily, Han Zhuoling did not continue leaning forward.

He just stretched out his hand and took the soy milk that was placed on the table previously.

It was a disposable paper cup with a straw placed through the cover.

The sight of Han Zhuoling holding the cup and drinking the soy milk with the straw in his mouth made him look somewhat obedient for some reason.

Shi Xiaoya was dazed for a moment as she looked at him, forgetting the awkwardness that made her blush.

After two mouthfuls, Han Zhuoling put it back and said, “Done.”

His gaze secretly shifted to glance at Shi Xiaoyas chest.

This area was very warm.

B City had long entered the autumn season and was about to go into early winter, but in Nanhai City, the weather still felt like summer.

Shi Xiaoya was wearing a thin T-shirt.

It was not really tight-fitting, but it was definitely not like Yuan Yina exposing her cleavage so exaggeratedly.

It was the normal kind, but it still accentuated her figure.

At least he could tell how her chest really looked like.

When he reached out to take the soy milk just now, it was really to hide his strange behavior.

He wanted to do something else to shift the attention away.

Alas, it had to be such a coincidence that when he leaned forward, he actually almost bumped into Shi Xiaoyas chest.

He was so close, as if he could see the shape inside, as if he could smell a faint scent.

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