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Chapter 1478: This Young Lady, How Generous!

Shi Xiaoya paused for a moment and lowered her head slowly as she replied, “Okay.”

She just felt that it was pitiful for him to just eat instant noodles, so she kindly came over to deliver some mini hotpot.

But it seemed as if he did not like her doing that.

Shi Xiaoya felt as if her kindness had been trampled upon by him and felt upset.

She went back to take the mini hotpot in a downcast manner as she said, “Oh, I wont do it next time.

Sorry for disturbing you.

I just thought it was natural to do so.”

As she said that, she was about to take the mini hotpot away.

However, the moment her fingers touched the sides of the container, she heard Han Zhuoling say, “What are you doing”

Shi Xiaoya stared at him with a “Taking it back, of course!” expression on her face.

He did not like it, so why would she still put it there

Han Zhuoling did not explain and just took half of the vegetables, ham, and hotpot noodles into his own bowl.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Didnt he not want to eat

He said he did not want to eat yet took half of it.

Wasnt that a bit too much

“I didnt say I wasnt going to eat.

I meant dont hold such scalding hot things again next time.” Han Zhuoling glanced at her and said, “It burns your hands.”

It was not known if Shi Xiaoya really heard him.

She just stared at him straight-eyed.

After a moment, Han Zhuoling then heard Shi Xiaoya say, “I just wanted to let you try a mouthful, just to try the taste.”

Why did you take so much!

Although she did not say the last few words, it was obvious that that was what she meant.

Han Zhuoling: “…”

So she felt bad that he was eating instant noodles, so she came over to let him eat a mouthful to have a taste


This young lady, how generous!

Shi Xiaoya was quite pitiful too.

No matter how unappetizing the instant noodles were, at least Han Zhuoling had a pot of it.

She was left with only half a bowl of mini hotpot.

She wont be full from that.

Han Zhuoling snorted and scooped out half of the noodles in his pot, as well as luncheon meat, into her mini hotpot.

“Half-half, Im exchanging with you,” Han Zhuoling said.

He really could not tell that she could be quite the food hoarder.

Shi Xiaoya looked and saw that she would not go hungry anymore and immediately smiled until her eyes had curved into crescents as she sighed in relief.

She did not mind the food or whatever as long as she could fill her tummy, especially in such an environment.

A smile flashed across Han Zhuolings eyes.

He took up her mini hotpot and stood up to walk to the director and cameramans side.

Shi Xiaoya was stunned for a moment.

She saw Han Zhuoling turn back and ask, “What are you squatting there for Arent you going to eat”

Shi Xiaoya replied, “Ah,” and quickly went to catch up.

After a few seconds, she recovered herself and quickly avoided the camera by walking around it.

In the end, both of them met behind the camera.

Han Zhuoling placed the mini hotpot on the picnic cloth that was already laid out and said, “Eat.”

He then went back to the front of the camera himself and scooped out the rest of the instant noodles and luncheon meat.

Shi Xiaoya then mixed the noodles that Han Zhuoling had given her with the rest of the ingredients in the hotpot soup and started eating ravenously.

After walking for a day, she was really hungry now.

During lunch, they avoided the camera and ate some compressed biscuits and energy bars that the production team had provided for them.

Besides the fact that it was tasteless, they had also walked for the whole afternoon, so they were especially tired and extremely hungry.

When the director saw the noodles in Shi Xiaoyas hotpot, he felt like tasting them too.

After swallowing his saliva, he continued eating his own pot.

“Aiyo!” someone suddenly exclaimed, which drew everyones attention.

Shi Xiaoya looked over with the rest and saw Qin Zigou and Lin Yantao, who had bumped into each other since god knows when.

Both of them were not so lucky like Han Zhuoling.

They each carried a backpack and probably found food, but they still had not found a tent.

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