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Shi Xiaoya turned to the director.

The director laughed and said, “This is the dinner for our production teams staff.

The guests can only eat what they found.”

Qin Zigou poked Shi Xiaoya and said, “What kind of relationship do we have Give me some, Ill give you some of my noodles later.”

Shi Xiaoya stared at the half of the hotpot that she was left with.

Han Zhuoling had already taken half of her portion just now, so there were actually not a lot of things left in the hotpot.

However, she was not someone who minded this.

She was fine as long as she could fill her tummy here, so she wanted to give the rest of the food bits she had to Qin Zigou.

Han Zhuoling ate as he watched their interaction darkly.

He could not hear what Qin Zigou said to Shi Xiaoya.

Anyway, he could see that Qin Zigou was leaning especially close to Shi Xiaoya.

Both of them were whispering into each others ears, as if they were on very good terms.

He narrowed his eyes, feeling a little unhappy.

Yet he did not know why, he just felt as if his food was tasteless.

Unknowingly, he picked up a piece of thick glass noodle.

The moment he saw it, it reminded him that he took it from Shi Xiaoya himself just now.

His face sank again as he threw it aside and turned to eat noodles.

Seeing that Shi Xiaoya seemed to want to give some to Qin Zigou, Han Zhuoling immediately felt upset.

She was giving away the noodles he gave her!

Han Zhuoling put down his bowl and suddenly walked over, walking out from the cameras view.

The director and the cameraman were both stunned.

The cameraman looked at the director, wondering if he should continue filming.

The director thought about it and asked him to continue filming.

If it did not make the cut, they could edit it out later.

Otherwise, if there was an exciting scene and they missed it, what would they do

In the end, they saw Han Zhuoling squeezing himself in between Shi Xiaoya and Qin Zigou, separating the two of them.

Qin Zigou was squatting, so he was not very stable on his feet and almost fell off balance.

Luckily, he managed to steady himself in time.

Shi Xiaoya stared at Han Zhuoling, perplexed.

Right after that, Han Zhuoling took the mini hotpot from her hands.

Shi Xiaoya was still dazed and did not object.

She just let Han Zhuoling do that.

Han Zhuolings lips could not help but lift up slightly, but he quickly let it down again.

He thought to himself that there was something good about Shi Xiaoya being a little out of it.

At least she was very obedient.

Like how she was now.

How obedient.

Following that, Shi Xiaoya saw Han Zhuoling use the chopsticks to hold back the food in the hotpot and pour all the soup into Qin Zigous bowl.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Qin Zigou: “…”

What the f*ck, what kind of scheme is this!

Han Zhuoling returned the hotpot to Shi Xiaoya and said to Qin Zigou, “The soup is very rich.

It should be enough to quell your hunger.”

Qin Zigou: “…”

He wanted to come here to eat some meat, not to add some soup!

Qin Zigou glanced at Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya moved a little and wanted to give Qin Zigou some more.

Han Zhuoling did not say anything but just turned and gave her a look.

He did not even show any emotion and Shi Xiaoya backed out.

She did not know why either.

Why was she so scared of Han Zhuoling

It was not actually to the extent of being scared, though, but just caring a lot about what he felt.

Hence, when Han Zhuoling looked over, she did not dare to move again.

Qin Zigou secretly despised Shi Xiaoya in his heart for a moment.

She had nothing going on with Han Zhuoling yet she became so timid around him.

Qin Zigou looked back and forth between Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoyas faces as he sized them up.

He kept looking back and forth to the point that even the director standing at the side started to suspect, was there something going on between the two

Or else, why would Qin Zigou have such a reaction

Qin Zigou snorted and decided not to stoop to Han Zhuolings level.

He took his bowl of hotpot soup and went back.

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