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Chapter 1490: Fixed His Gaze on Shi Xiaoya

If it were otherwise, he would definitely not have agreed so easily.

Han Zhuoling sat at the entrance of his tent and only popped his head out of the cover.

He kept looking in Shi Xiaoyas direction.

Seeing her talking to Qin Zigou, seeing how Qin Zigous face was filled with worry and how Shi Xiaoya seemed as if shed met her kin and could finally relax and reveal her aggrieved feelings, Han Zhuoling felt unbearably miserable.

However, Shi Xiaoya was fuming up to the top of her head right now.

It seemed like no matter how he apologized, it would be no use.

He could only fix his gaze on Shi Xiaoya miserably.

The director was about to come over and talk to Han Zhuoling when he saw Han Zhuolings tent cover tightly closed and only revealing his head.

The key point was that his head had such a handsome face to it.

Director: “…”

It was probably because he did not sleep for the whole night.

He felt that the way Han Zhuoling had opened his tent was a little off today.

The director braced himself and came over.

“Young Master Ling.”

Han Zhuolings face suddenly became stern as he finally realized how dumb he looked.

He quickly opened the tent cover fully and sat up straight.

How would the director dare to look down on Han Zhuoling from above and speak to him He quickly squatted down and said, “In a moment, we will play music to wake you up.

We added a new segment last minute.

You can just play along and act as if you were awaken from your sleep then.”

The director took out a small camera and said, “Put this on the top corner of the tent.

Its okay as long as you are in the view.

Its not convenient for the cameraman to be inside.”

Han Zhuoling nodded to show that he understood and received the camera.

It was very easy to install the camera.

It came with a small hook and could be hooked to the top.

Han Zhuoling found a good spot and fixed the camera there before pretending to be sound asleep.

Shi Xiaoya went into her tent and could not fall asleep anymore.

She decided to change out of her sleeping clothes and put on her casual outfit for work.

She felt that even though the director said she could still sleep for a while more, she still decided to prepare herself just in case there was some sudden situation.

Shi Xiaoya found her morning wash products and took a bottle of water with her to quickly wash up at the back of the tent before going back in.

She felt extremely sleepy previously, but now, she could not sleep a wink.

She did not need to close her eyes.

As long as she was alone in a private space, she would recall that scathing, sarcastic look on Han Zhuolings face.

Shi Xiaoya slapped her face slightly.

Han Zhuoling said he was very disappointed with her.

She really wanted to say, “Me too!”

Previously, she thought that Han Zhuoling was a pretty good person.

She was blind.

She wrapped herself up in her sleeping bag angrily, wanting to sleep for a while more.

It was really not worth losing sleep over that horrible man.

However, after closing her eyes, she could not sleep even after a long time.

While her eyes were closed, her eye bags warmed up and tears welled up in her eyes.

“Meanie!” Shi Xiaoya lifted her hand and wiped away the tear that leaked from the corner of her eye.


In the end, Shi Xiaoya did not manage to sleep, up until the director came to call her to continue on the missions with the guests.

Shi Xiaoya quickly got up and picked up the mirror in the box to check herself before going out.

The dark eye circles around her eyes were terribly unsightly.

Light makeup would be useless in concealing it.

Shi Xiaoya could not care anymore and just went out like this.

Han Zhuoling and the rest were already back.

Liu Chuanhui, Zhang Jian, and Zhang Shuidong, whom they did not see for the whole day yesterday, also appeared.

The three of them really looked like… they were tired to death.

They did not look as energized as Han Zhuoling, Lin Yantao, and Qin Zigou.

“We really got pranked by the production team big time.

When you guys came to find me, you didnt tell me how underhanded you guys were!” Zhang Jian pretended to sob and said, “There are actually so many ways to prank guests now.”

Lu Dongliu smiled and said, “We are left with the last clue now.

The first to find it wins and can be the first to return to the hotel to rest.”

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