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Chapter 1491: What Are They Playing at

“One of the MCs had already gotten the clue from the segment we just added.

Itll be really helpful in securing victory later on,” Lu Dongliu said.

Qin Zigou swept his hair in smugness.

“Then Ill be on my way now.

Bye-bye, brothers!”

Zhang Jian quickly ran up to him.

“Wait, wait! Share the clue, bro!”

“No way!” Qin Zigou ran even faster.

The cameraman behind him struggled to catch up with him—he was slightly plump, and running made him pant even harder.

Everyone looked on.

Zhang Jian had run over, not wishing to be left behind and attempting to take the clue from Qin Zigou.

Only Han Zhuoling remained passive.

Shi Xiaoya looked over in surprise.

Han Zhuoling did not manage to find the clue

She was not belittling Qin Zigou, but his opponent was really too strong.

Even if she just had an unpleasant experience with Han Zhuoling, Shi Xiaoya had to admit that this show was difficult for others but easy for Han Zhuoling.

Though she did not tag along during the additional segment, she knew that it wouldnt have stumped Han Zhuoling.

But why did Han Zhuoling fail to get the clue

So she met his eyes just as Shi Xiaoya turned to look at him.

Han Zhuoling seemed to have been staring at her all this while.

Shi Xiaoya shifted her gaze away coolly.

Unexpectedly, instead of joining the race, Han Zhuoling actually walked towards her.

Shi Xiaoya pretended to not see him.

Since he wasnt speaking to her, she would pretend to be the fool.

In the end, Han Zhuoling stood calmly in front of her.

“My makeup needs freshening.”

Shi Xiaoya finally raised her head to stare at him, saying without warmth, “Young Master Ling, your makeup is fine.

Theres no need to reapply.”

She was like a good little deer before, hurrying to freshen his makeup.

But she was so distant now.

For a moment, Han Zhuoling felt as if she was squeezing his heart.

It hurt and left him breathless.

Han Zhuoling bent closer to her, and Shi Xiaoya retreated in surprise.

But Han Zhuoling advanced as she walked backward.

Like they were playing a game.

The director was stunned by the scene.

What are they playing at

Shi Xiaoya pursed her lips, finally standing her ground.

Retreating was useless anyway.

This man did not understand the concept of toeing the line.

Han Zhuolings expression softened a few degrees when she stopped.

He pointed at his lips.

“I need lipstick.”

When he was done, his lips were tightened into a straight line.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

The one who flat-out refused to apply lipstick, the one who said his last straw was eyeliner, was requesting to have lipstick applied to him for the second time today.

If this happened before today, Shi Xiaoya would have teased him—wasnt he unwilling to apply lipstick

But now, Shi Xiaoya didnt want to say a thing.

She would obey his commands.

Since it would be better if he applied some lipstick.

Han Zhuoling did not know what he was hoping for.

Maybe for Shi Xiaoya to tease him

But he only saw Shi Xiaoya silently take out the same lipstick as yesterday from her cosmetic bag, not planning to speak a word to him.

Shi Xiaoya removed the cap and raised her hand, but realized that Han Zhuoling was too tall.

Standing beside him made her appear short.

Raising her hands high up, she could reach Han Zhuolings lips, but it was inconvenient.

She was unstable standing on her tiptoes with her head raised.

And to apply lipstick for him

Would you believe that she could draw from his lips to his eyes in one move

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