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But when Shi Xiaoya did the same thing, putting her fingertips on his face…

He only felt bonelessly soft all over.

Her soft fingertips sent electric jolts from his face all the way to his heart.

Han Zhuolings heart melted, his gaze fixed on her.

Shi Xiaoya swallowed with difficulty.

Her head felt numb under his scrutiny, and she could only focus all her attention on his lips, but that only unsettled her more.

The next time Shi Xiaoya thought back to this moment, she still didnt know what came over her to make her lick her lips in front of Han Zhuoling.

Only now, as she had not been looking at Han Zhuoling, Shi Xiaoya naturally missed how Han Zhuolings eyes darkened a few more degrees after seeing her subconscious action.

His eyes focused intensely on her lips, his breath coming out hot and fast.

Her moistened lips were like roses with their morning dew, supple and fresh.

Shi Xiaoya realized what he meant by not requiring lipstick after she finished applying it on him.

He was fair and had a good color on his lips.

This dusty pink lipstick looked like a persons natural lip color.

Applying it merely enhanced the look.

But when it was on Han Zhuolings lips, it became brightly pink.

The striking color did not match well with him.

Shi Xiaoya could only use her fingertips to spread the lipstick thinner.

With half of the lipstick transferred to her fingers, the remaining color on his lips looked a lot more natural.

He would appear even better on-screen when the camera couldnt pick up the exact colors.

Han Zhuoling felt as if his brain short-circuited.

He focused all his senses on nothing else but his lips.

His mind was filled with the feeling of her delicate fingertips on his lips.

But Shi Xiaoya stayed no longer than necessary.

Her fingertips still felt the phantom softness of his lips, but she had expected such a stern-looking man to have equally unyielding lips.

In reality, they felt so supple and… good.

But Han Zhuoling wasnt satisfied.

He wasnt a man who would flip at a womans touch anymore.

He grabbed her wrist just as Shi Xiaoya was about to retract her hand.

He never even thought about what he wanted to do by stopping her from withdrawing.

To let her continue touching

Alas, the moment he touched her wrist, Shi Xiaoya inhaled with a sharp hiss of pain.

Han Zhuoling might have been in a rush, but he didnt use much force.

He released her upon hearing her exclamation, only to see a few bruises on her wrist.

On closer inspection, he saw that the shape of the bruises matched his fingers.

“How did you get this” He didnt use that much force just now.

Han Zhuoling quickly grabbed her hand again before she could retract it again, forcing her to be still.

He carefully avoided the bruised area this time, controlling his strength used to hold her hand.

He lowered his head and frowned, looking at the bruises on Shi Xiaoyas arm, thinking that he didnt grab her strongly just now.

Her wrist was still white and clean, not a hint of any bruise on her.

Suddenly, Han Zhuoling froze, recalling that she probably got them back in the tent, when he grabbed her wrist roughly to force her into compliance.

He misunderstood her then and didnt know to control his strength in his anger.

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