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Chapter 1499: What Are You Stuttering for

“Aish, where are you going!” Shi Xiaoya pulled Qin Zigou back.

She still did not know that Han Zhuoling had already changed his flight to be on the same one as her.

“Anyway, I already said its a misunderstanding.

He has already apologized to me.”

And its not just once.

After realizing it was a mistake, Han Zhuoling had immediately apologized to her.

She also knew that throughout the filming, Han Zhuoling had also taken chances to apologize to her whenever he could, and that he would constantly talk to her even though he really did not have much to say.

If she had not seen it for herself and experienced it for herself, it would have been hard to imagine this side of Han Zhuoling.

She was not someone who bore grudges.

Since he had apologized, she forgave him as well.

She just simply could not interact with him as freely as she did before.

She did not know if she was being inflexible, but the moment she recalled how he thought of her, it just made her feel uncomfortable.

The two of them were not close and did not have much interaction with each other, but she felt that she had never done anything unruly towards him, or anything that could make Han Zhuoling misunderstand.

Yet in his eyes, she became such a person.

She was not angry that he misunderstood her.

It was his attitude, which had made it seem as if he looked down on her right from the start.

If he did not look down on her in his heart, why would he have misunderstood her so easily

“An apology and thats it” Qin Zigou said angrily.

“The hurt has already been done.

Does he think just saying a few words to apologize would resolve the matter Im telling you, youre not allowed to forgive him so easily!”

He even thought Han Zhuoling had feelings for Shi Xiaoya.

Could you do this if you had feelings for someone

“Lest he thinks hes really such a big shot!” Qin Zigou was still angry.

“No, no.” Seeing how angry he was, Shi Xiaoya quickly coaxed him and said, “Im not close to him to begin with.

I wont talk too much with him next time.”

Qin Zigou felt happy when he heard that.

Seeing how Han Zhuoling was like, it did not seem to Qin Zigou like he was not close to Shi Xiaoya at all.

He wondered if Han Zhuoling knew that Shi Xiaoya did not think she was close to him.

Thinking about it made Qin Zigou elated.

He really wanted to know how Han Zhuoling would react if he heard Shi Xiaoya say that.

After letting go of this, Qin Zigou did not say anything more.

He did not expect that not long after, Han Zhuoling would come in.

The moment he came in, the first person he saw was Shi Xiaoya.

“Its Young Master Ling!” Guo Yujie said in a hushed voice.

“Hes walking over.

Xiaoya, do you think hes going to come over here”

Shi Xiaoya stole a quick glance and said, “It… it cant be, right”

“If it cant, it cant.

What are you stuttering for” Qin Zigou teased her.

Shi Xiaoya glared at him and quickly found an excuse.

“Isnt it because Im scared that you will really go and settle scores with him Youd still be the one on the losing end, wouldnt you”

“Hey, am I that weak in your eyes” Qin Zigou said unhappily.

Shi Xiaoya did not reply.

Anyway, he really looked like he could not win against Han Zhuoling.

Qin Zigou laughed from being angered by her.

She was still angry with Han Zhuoling now, yet her heart had already sided with Han Zhuoling.

Shi Xiaoya gaped, as if trying to think of a reply that would not agitate Qin Zigou.

Qin Zigou waved her off and said, “Its okay, I got it.

You dont need to comfort me.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

What did he know

“Hes coming! Hes really coming!” Guo Yujie secretly pulled Shi Xiaoyas sleeve under the table.

Even without Guo Yujies saying so, Shi Xiaoya also saw it.

She watched as Han Zhuoling got closer and closer before finally reaching their table.

Yet his long legs were seen striding forward, walking right past their table to sit at the back.

Shi Xiaoya did not turn around and could not see what was behind her.

She only heard the sound of the chair behind her being drawn out.

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