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Chapter 1502: Must Be Side by Side

Shi Xiaoya waved and entered the building.

Qin Zigou watched Han Zhuolings car from afar, planning to stop him the moment Han Zhuoling got out.

However, Han Zhuoling stayed in his car, not moving an inch.

Qin Zigou was curious as to what Han Zhuoling wanted.

Yet Han Zhuoling was strange too.

He wasnt following her up, nor was he going away.

Qin Zigou was puzzled.

When was he planning to go

Just as he wondered that, the Phantoms door opened.

Qin Zigou lifted his chin and puffed his chest, waiting for him seriously.

Only to see Han Zhuoling stand by the car, his arm slung on the car door.

He frowned and asked, displeased, “When are you planning to go”

Qin Zigou: “…”

So he was waiting for him to go first

Qin Zigou lifted his chin, saying like a boss, “Ill go when you go.”

Han Zhuoling frowned.

“You first.”

Qin Zigou: “Why shouldnt you be the one going first”

Han Zhuoling: “Im worried about you.”

Qin Zigou: “Im the one who should be worried.

Plus, who are you to be worried about me”

Han Zhuoling scowled, not replying.

Both of them were acting like kids, both refusing to take a step back, and things were at an impasse.

In the end, it was Qin Zigou who broke first.

“Fine, well both go together.”

He measured the sides with his hands.

“The road is wide enough.”

This was since he couldnt do anything else even if the other party came back after leaving.

Butting heads and leaving together was just a mental comfort.

Han Zhuoling accepted the suggestion reluctantly and told his chauffeur, “Leave together with him, not an inch in front or behind him.”

He pointed outside the window towards Qin Zigous car.

“Must be side by side.”

Chauffeur: “…”

Hence, both cars finally left together, side by side.


Han Zhuoling reached home and Lin Liye was beyond happy.

Whod have thought Han Zhuoling would be willing to return home one day!

“Youre back! Have you eaten Are you hungry Do you want some supper It must be tiring filming a show in the outdoors.” Lin Liye welcomed him at the door, her questions firing rapidly as he changed his shoes.

Han Zhuoling answered patiently, “Ive eaten on the plane, so Im not hungry.

Theres no need for supper.

Filming wasnt so bad.”

Han Zhuoling then asked, “Zhuofengs not back”

“He stays in school usually, and returns during the weekends,” Lin Liye explained.

Han Zhuoling nodded and Lin Liye continued, “It must have been a tiring two days.

Go wash up and rest.

Tell me about the filming later, Im rather curious.”

Han Zhuoling smiled and nodded.


Lin Liye looked at him in surprise.

Though she did not express it, she was still amazed.

This child actually smiled!

Going out for filming could really change him

Han Zhuoling returned to his room and soaked comfortably in a bath.

His tiredness having been washed away, he then sat on the bed with his iPad to check on his schedule for tomorrow.

But none of the words registered in his brain.

Thinking of Shi Xiaoya ignoring him made him uncomfortable all over.

Rubbing his temple, he had no idea what came over him.

He was not going to have that much interaction with Shi Xiaoya in the future, actually.

Even if she was his appointed makeup artist for the show, he was only going to film for a few episodes, so he wouldnt spend that much time in Shi Xiaoyas company.

She was someone he hadnt seen more than a few times in his life, someone he wasnt familiar with.

Why did he care so much about whether or not Shi Xiaoya was ignoring him

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