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Chapter 1505: What Happened

Han Zhuoling tightened his lips and frowned, understanding what Han Zhuoli hinted at.

Han Zhuoli was telling him that he liked Shi Xiaoya.

Han Zhuoling scoffed.

How could it be!

He did have a deep impression of Shi Xiaoya, and apart from that… apart from that, that was it!

He had seen Shi Xiaoya only a few times.

What could he like or dislike about her

Han Zhuoling convinced himself thus but lowered his eyes.

“You havent said how I should apologize, though”

“Obviously with your sincerity!” Han Zhuoli said with an air of an experienced pro.

“Though Ive never angered Man Man before, and so dont have any similar experience, I can tell you about how I wooed her.” A sense of superiority blossomed within Han Zhuoli.

“Getting a girl to forgive and forget is like wooing a girl.

You have to be persistent.” Han Zhuoli felt proud of himself.

“Back then, I pursued Man Man with a single-minded focus to great success.

I appeared in front of her every time and she couldnt escape my presence.

She was looking for work back then and it was a crucial time, so I directly got her into the Han Corporation.

Its more reassuring having her right under my eye, and it made appearing in front of her so much more convenient.

I literally graced her with my presence daily at that time.

“You can do this for Shi Xiaoya too,” Han Zhuoli continued.

“Even if you apologize, those three simple words wont do.

You have to speak your mind, you have to promise and let her see your sincerity.

Seek her out every day and apologize until she forgives you.”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

“She wouldnt talk to you, so she wont listen to your apologies either.

Whats more, a simple sorry lacks sincerity.

Youve hurt her, and you expect a sorry to cover it You have to at least apologize daily for her to know how truly sorry you are,” Han Zhuoli continued.

“I get it.” Hearing Han Zhuoli speak for a long time made Han Zhuoling feel even more troubled.

After Han Zhuoli returned to his own office, Han Zhuoling called Tong Chunian in.

“Young Master Ling.” Standing in front of him, Tong Chunian observed the fascinating changes on Han Zhuolings face.

It was such a rare chance to witness this.

The older Young Master Han always had a cool face and never had such colorful expressions before.

But Tong Chunian wasnt in the mood to enjoy it.

Rather, he was alarmed.

What happened for Han Zhuoling to be like this!

“You have a girlfriend, right” Han Zhuoling asked.

“Yes.” Tong Chunian nodded.

Han Zhuoling drummed his fingers on the table.

“Did you pursue your girlfriend or what”

Tong Chunian was even more alarmed.

Boss was discussing the matters of the heart with him

He desperately wanted to call Han Zhuoli back now.

“I did,” Tong Chunian answered honestly.

Han Zhuoling drummed his fingers some more before saying, “How did you know you liked your girlfriend”

Isnt this a simple thing Tong Chunian thought.

“Its… Its not really love at first sight, and in this day and age, there arent many love at first sights either.

Its just that my first impression of her was that shes rather pretty.

At least, shes rather good on the eyes.

After a few interactions, I found that she has a good temperament and is funny, the kind which I like.

The better I got to know her, the more I realized that I miss her when shes not around, and I want to be with her constantly, to kiss her and… be closer to her.

When Im with her, theres a lot more small touches, like little nudges and touches here and there.

Doesnt matter where, be it touching her hair or touching pinkies, Ill still be happy.”

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