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Chapter 1506: This Is a Good Suggestion

Han Zhuoling frowned and heard Tong Chunian continue, “We have our fights too, and I get angry as well.

But most of the time, if I made her angry, Ill panic and just want to pacify her, not let her ignore me.

I feel strangely empty whenever she ignores and refuses to see me.”

Han Zhuoling stilled, tugging on his tie as he asked, “And if you… made your girlfriend angry, how do you placate her”

“Just buy stuff she likes.

Giving lipsticks is the sure-fire way to make her happy.

I dont know the color numbers anyway, so I just go to the counter and buy those big gift boxes that include a bunch of trending colors in rows and rows.

They do look especially grand like that!” Tong Chunian spilled, “The limited-edition ones are even better, and I just buy them and give it to her as a present.

Doesnt matter if the box contained the same colors she has since, according to my girlfriend, one is for using and one for looking.

Putting one there is enough to lighten her spirits, much less a big gift box.

“I once gave her a limited Valentines Day edition lipstick set, and shes so happy she immediately showed off to her friends on social media.”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

Giving bags was impossible; Shi Xiaoya wouldnt accept them for sure.

As for lipstick…

Han Zhuoling figured that Shi Xiaoya wouldnt care for it either.

As a makeup artist, she had every brand and every color of lipstick.

Wouldnt he be teaching a fish how to swim by giving her such a thing

“Apart from these two Nothing else” Han Zhuoling looked disdainfully at Tong Chunian.

“Theres no sincerity in these.”

“…” The corners of Tong Chunians lips quivered momentarily.

“Aside from those, there are always flowers.

Giving flowers can never go wrong.

Though the flowers wilt within a few days, it totally satisfies their vanity when they receive it.”

Tong Chunian gestured as he spoke, observing Han Zhuoling carefully.

He had an inkling that Han Zhuolings questions had something to do with Shi Xiaoya.

He had accompanied Han Zhuoling to the filming.

Han Zhuoling treating Shi Xiaoya differently was something he had noticed.

“If it isnt a girlfriend, its better to give flowers,” Tong Chunian said tentatively.

Han Zhuoling considered and nodded his agreement.


You go and contact the florist and buy a bouquet of roses.

Not those big obnoxious ones, a normal one will do.”

“Yes.” Tong Chunian nodded.

“Also, do you want to write a card or something If you want to make a girl happy, just saying, you have to write something.

Otherwise, its just a boring bunch of flowers, the effect wont be that good.”

“This is a good suggestion.” Han Zhuolings eyes brightened.

Since Shi Xiaoya wouldnt listen to him speak, then hed write down the words!

She was bound to read the card, wasnt she

As long as he wasnt in her sight, he believed that she would have the patience to read his words.

“Give me a card and envelope!” Han Zhuoling immediately said.

Tong Chunian went to get them for Han Zhuoling, then contacted a florist.

Han Zhuoling pressed on the card, his right hand holding on to the fountain pen but unable to pen anything down.

Because he did know how to explain.

The misunderstanding was what it was.

He did think of her in a negative way.

If he wrote the truth—that he thought Shi Xiaoya was different, that that was why he was especially furious when he caught her outside his tent—the probability of Shi Xiaoya forgiving him would be even slimmer.

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