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Chapter 1515: Biological Mom

“…” Tong Chunian thought to himself, CEO, if you want to ask something, just ask.

This gossipy expression has you looking like youre a thief and it really ruins your image.

“Yes.” Tong Chunian nodded.

He suddenly understood what Han Zhuoli was asking about and got closer, saying in a small voice, “It was when Young Master Ling sent Xiao Zhang to give Ms.

Shi flowers.

Xiao Zhang heard Ms.

Shi and her assistant discussing work matters and could tell that Ms.

Shi would also be attending the welcome dinner at the National Film Academy.

Xiao Zhang told Young Master Ling when he came back, and thats why Young Master Ling changed his mind.”

Han Zhuoli was excited.

“I didnt expect Xiao Zhang to be so smart.”

Tong Chunian laughed sneakily and did not dare to say that Han Zhuoling finally got enlightened, so they definitely had to support him.

Wherever they could help him, they would surely give their all to do so.


Both of you did well for this matter.

For this month, aside from Big Brother, I will give both of you a bonus on my side as well.” Han Zhuoli patted Tong Chunians elbow.

Tong Chunian was so surprised that he was stunned.

He did not expect to receive such benefits even while helping his boss.

Instantly, he felt even more full of pride.

He decided that he would definitely be Boss good aide!

When Han Zhuoli left, Tong Chunian immediately shared this good news with Xiao Zhang.

Xiao Zhang was so happy that he almost wanted to just stay at Shi Xiaoyas workplace and not come back anymore, so that he could report to Han Zhuoling about the latest situation with Shi Xiaoya round the clock.


As Han Zhuoling was back, and because Han Zhuoling was single, Han Zhuoli did not have any business gatherings at night after he got off work.

Han Zhuolings biological mom, Lin Liye, personally said to let Han Zhuoling help Han Zhuoli take on more business gatherings.

Lin Liyes original words were, “Anyway, youre single now, you have the time, and you dont have a wife waiting for you to come home every day and watching over you.

Zhuoli is different.

He has Lu Man waiting at home for him.

Furthermore, both of them are now preparing for pregnancy, so its better for Zhuoli to abstain from drinking alcohol as much as possible.

So you should help him out more regarding such business gatherings.”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

She could almost be said to be his biological mom.

Lin Liye was his biological mom, after all, so she shouldnt set traps for her son like this either.

But in order to make Han Zhuoling leave his bachelors life, this was the only way to go.

She just wanted to let Han Zhuoling know that it was because he was single!

If he had a family and a wife to care for, then she definitely would not let him be like this.

But now, whose fault was it that hes free

If he wanted to rest, then he should quickly get married!

Lu Man also admired Lin Liye.

Not one of the women in the Han Family were simpletons indeed!

This kind of convoluted country-saving strategy, this kind of thinking, was something most people could not think of!

It even started off with setting a trap for her own son.

Hence, ever since Han Zhuoling came back, aside from the usual business gatherings, Han Zhuoli had become much more relaxed.

Of course, he could not throw all of these gatherings to Han Zhuoling.

He would still share the burden with Han Zhuoling, but the demand on him was still much lighter compared to when Han Zhuoling had yet to return.

Han Zhuoli came back to Yi Garden first.

Xia Qingweis stomach was growing bigger by the day.

She was almost five months pregnant now.

Her stomach was round and protruded, making Lu Man and Wang Juhuai especially nervous.

Especially since Xia Qingwei was getting on in years.

Her being pregnant like this was really a little startling.

It was Xia Qingwei who was actually in a good mental state.

Because she really did not feel uncomfortable at all.

From the initial stages of pregnancy until now, the child in her tummy had been very understanding.

Until now, she did not experience any morning sickness.

It was just like at the start: when she suspected she was pregnant, it was only because her period was late for many days.

Aside from that, there were no other unusual signs.

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