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Chapter 1518: Draw the Line

Putting down her phone, Shi Xiaoya adjusted her camera and secured it on the camera stand.

After fixing the angle of her lighting board as well, she then began filming a makeup tutorial using the new products.

When she had wrapped up the filming, taken down the camera, and was about to review the shot, someone knocked on her door.

“Enter.” Shi Xiaoya placed the camera aside and was met with a big bouquet of roses rather than with Guo Yujie.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

What was going on


Shi,” Xiao Zhang called gaily.

Guo Yujie understood things the moment she saw Xiao Zhang arriving with the flowers, and so she had knocked on the door and let Xiao Zhang go in by himself.


Zhang.” Shi Xiaoya hurriedly stood, gazing at the flowers in his arms in surprise.

Xiao Zhang said politely, “Youre too kind, Ms.


Calling me Xiao Zhang will do.”

He then went straight to the business: “This is from Young Master Ling to you.

He instructed me to personally hand it to you.”

Shi Xiaoya accepted the roses in a daze.

She thought once yesterday was enough; who knew he would continue sending her flowers today

What was he thinking

Shi Xiaoya found it hard to believe and link such romantic flower-sending endeavors to Han Zhuoling.

She said, clarifying, “Is it really from Young Master Ling”

“Of course.” Xiao Zhang quickly explained, “Why would I lie about Young Master Ling Plus, I wouldnt dare use Young Master Ling in a lie!”

Shi Xiaoya smiled.


I was just too shocked.”

Xiao Zhang nodded in understanding.

Shi Xiaoya being shocked meant that she understood Han Zhuoling.

That was good.

“Dont forget, theres a card inside too,” Xiao Zhang reminded her.

“Oh, okay.” Shi Xiaoya didnt know how to react anymore, only nodding woodenly.

And Xiao Zhang just stood there waiting.

“…” Shi Xiaoyas lips quivered at the corners.

“Dont suppose youre waiting for me to read the card”

Xiao Zhang plastered on a smile.

“Its better if youve read it and I can help bring your words to Young Master Ling.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Han Zhuolings such an aloof person.

Why was his subordinate the complete opposite

Seeing that Xiao Zhang was adamant about staying, Shi Xiaoya could only take out the card.

This time, Han Zhuoling had written slightly more than yesterday.

“I am sorry.

Will you forgive me” It was still signed off with his name, Han Zhuoling.

Compared to the hesitation revealed in the lines “I am sorry” yesterday, the words were written strongly today.

Shi Xiaoya put the card on the table and gave a wan smile.

“I understand.

Please tell Young Master Ling that theres no need to take it to heart and send flowers every day.

Ive already put the matter behind me.

Its fine.”

Xiao Zhang mulled over Shi Xiaoyas words and guessed that with her distant demeanor, she seemed keen on drawing the line clearly between her and Han Zhuoling even if she wasnt angry with him anymore.

“Alright, then, I wont bother you any longer.

Good day.” Xiao Zhang smiled and left.

He returned to the Han Corporation and immediately reported to Han Zhuolings office.

Though Han Zhuolings EQ might be less than half his IQ, he could still grasp the meaning of Shi Xiaoyas words.

“Shes…” Han Zhuoling knocked on his table a few times.

“Brushing me off, and she wants me to stop sending her flowers”

Xiao Zhang: “…”

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