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Chapter 1521: Sense of Animosity

Although he was not as famous as Shana, in terms of development potential, Howard was stronger than she was.

Shana was stuck with an idol image now.

Whether she could break out of this image at a later time still depended on herself.

Her looks were sweet and nice to begin with.

It would be a little hard for her to break out of that image.

Not to mention how Hollywood was a place that favored males over females.

Male actors tended to have a smoother development than female actors and were paid higher as well.

To top it all off, Howard had the backing of Bourbotte.

Although Attack Force had failed miserably here, its ratings overseas were pretty good and Bourbottes reputation and status were not affected at all.

He was still a god-level director.

As long as Bourbotte was around, Howard would not need to worry about his future development.


Part of the reason why I came here was because of my uncle,” Howard said frankly.

“But even without this relationship, I still wanted to come here and take a look as well.

I want to see what that arrogant woman looks like exactly.

What right does she have to destroy our pride”

Howard continued, “Attack Force is a very outstanding film.

The response and reputation garnered from various countries are all very good.

And films from Hollywood have always dominated various huge markets.

As long as our films are there, other films would stand no chance at all.

That Lu Man.

She didnt rely on the quality of the film itself to have a fair competition.

Instead, she used unusual means to chase Attack Force away.

This is something thats unforgivable.

“Even if this had nothing to do with my uncle and it had happened to another film, I still wont allow her to step on our pride like this,” Howard said coldly.

At the mention of this, everyone went silent for a while.

Shana lifted her chin up proudly and said, “Of course.

Its true that someone from the publicity team had said some inappropriate things when Attack Force came here to publicize that time.

Even if the film industry here is way more backward than ours, they still cant just say it so frankly.

But this bunch of Chinese also cant ruin our outstanding work just like that.

That was going way too far.

I also want to see who exactly that Lu Man is.

How is she so arrogant!”

Everyone else expressed the same views.

They had just arrived and had not even seen each other, yet there was already such a strong sense of animosity.

But the leading teacher did not dissuade them at all.

Having a sense of animosity was pretty good.

It could incite their fighting spirit so that they could win even more brilliantly and make the other party lose in despondence, without giving them face at all.

And then they could hang their school flag on their walls of honor.

The teacher fantasized about that gleefully.

“Stop looking, its time for class,” Lu Man reminded her.

“Oh, right!” Zheng Yuan quickly pulled Pan Xue and Han Leilei along.

“Lets go, lets go.

Stop joining in the buzz, or else we are going to be late.”

This class was an acting practice class.

Lu Man and the girls made it to class on time.

The moment they sat down, the school bell rang.

At the same time, Dean He also personally welcomed the exchange team.

Behind him, students from the student council who had no lessons right now also came along.

“Welcome, welcome.

You guys came a long way,” Dean He said politely.

“Were good.

We had a good rest yesterday.

Thank you for your welcome,” the leading teacher said.

“I am the teacher leading the team this time.

You can just call me Luzern.

This is the Vice-Dean of our performing arts major, Mr.


“Hello,” Dean He greeted politely.

“This is our teacher from the performing arts school, Professor Hurk.” Luzern introduced them one by one.

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