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Chapter 1525: Mocking

Han Leilei hit the nail on the head when she said, “Even a scatterbrain like you can see that.

It just shows how obvious the looks of disdain and arrogance on their faces are.”

Pan Xue: “…”

Lu Man glanced over calmly and said in a low voice, “You are right, they really do look down on us quite a lot.”

Bourbotte was like that, but she did not expect these bunch of students to be like that as well.

Of course Lu Man did not believe that the actors across the Pacific were all so arrogant and demeaning.

It was just perfect that they met people of such standard.

Given how spirited these bunch of young people from the exchange team were, all the more they could not hide their emotions and were utterly disrespectful to people who were not as good as they were.

This made Lu Man think they were really a joke.

After those two students finished performing, Teacher Hong gave them her feedback.

She pointed out one by one all the areas they did not do well in and provided a few better ways of performing.

As she gave her feedback, Teacher Hong seemed to forget that the exchange students were still there and did not even throw a glance over.

At first, Teacher Hong wanted to let Lu Man come up and demonstrate.

They did not have to learn Lu Mans way of acting per se, but at least she could let the students see how above standard—and even extremely good acting—should look like.

How another person would interpret how to perform at which points.

However, as the exchange students were around, Teacher Hong also had her personal interests at heart.

She was afraid that Lu Mans acting skills would be exposed too early in front of the exchange students and this would let them guard against Lu Man.

Although Lu Man had shot films before, the level of influence they had in America could be said to be almost none at all.

Judging from these peoples arrogant and conceited personalities, they definitely would not go and analyze the films Lu Man had acted in just for her alone.

Hence, regarding Lu Mans acting skills, they would probably be completely clueless.

Needless to say, Teacher Hongs analysis within such a short time was spot on.

Shana was simply proud and felt that her capabilities would be enough to crush them.

However, when it came down to looking down on them, it was not to that extent.

Those few people led by Howard really looked down on them from the bottom of their hearts, and they even looked down on the whole countrys entertainment industry.

To them, so what if Lu Man had high appraisal within the country

She was nothing but a bumpkin who had not seen real acting before.

Within such a small scope with lower overall standards, she was just a big fish in a small pond.

Was this worth being proud of

In their eyes, it would only seem even more ridiculous.

Howard scoffed disrespectfully and said to Leo, “This class is really ridiculously bad.”

These words were not spoken by the ear.

Although the sound was not loud, many people still heard it.

And it was not some complicated sentence either.

Each word was very basic and very simple.

Although everyones English standard was average, they could still understand such a simple sentence.

Instantly, the people who heard it did not have good looks on their faces.

Anyone could tell that Howard was mocking them.

Teacher Hongs face sank.

The faces of the two students who just went back to their seats flushed red.

They were the ones who performed badly just now, but their standards compared to the whole class were quite low.

The others using their standards to represent the whole class instantly made both of them feel like theyd embarrassed their whole class.

“Theyre too much!” Yuan Menghan said angrily.

“How can they be so disdainful of others”

Yuan Menghan also wanted to say that the standards of those two people were average to begin with.

But at least she knew that it was not appropriate to say this in such a situation.

And seeing how both students were on the verge of tears from embarrassment, no one would even say such a thing anymore.

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