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Chapter 1528: Too Cunning

Youre looking down on our entertainment industry

Feel free to do so!

But that also means Im free to point out the things I look down on about you guys.

Nothing wrong with that.

How could Howard hope to be as eloquent as Lu Man

Lu Man had no difficulty switching between Chinese and English and could even translate the meaning of Chinese idioms for them.

But what did Howard know

He wanted to show off some Old English phrases, but he didnt know any!

“Also,” Lu Man began coldly, “you guys interrupted our class so many times.

How is that being polite”

The looks on the faces of the exchange students instantly turned ugly.

Their rude acts were highlighted one by one by Lu Man, yet they had no hope of arguing their way out.

Luzerns expression did not look good.

He fully expressed his displeasure and said stiffly, “As guests, we did not expect you guys to be so unwelcoming towards us.”

Dean He came out at the right moment to mediate and smooth things over.

“Theres definitely no such thing.

Theyre all youngsters, they cant hold back their temper all that well.

They are quick with their words and say whatever comes to their minds.

No worries, no worries.

This is quite good too, haha.

It wont be easy to have misunderstandings.”

Luzern: “…”

Luzern was fuming, yet he could also express himself.

Was that what he meant

Dean He was acting dumb with him!

These people are too cunning!

“Why dont we stop disrupting their class There are still many places we can tour around,” Dean He said.

They were in no mood to stay on either after being called out like this by Lu Man.

So they could only stand up and go out with Dean He.

Before going out, Howard kept glaring fiercely at Lu Man.

What a despicable woman!

The moment they left, the classroom flew into a frenzy.

Everyone could not take it lying down.

“Is everyone from New York University like this Then wont the students wed sent over on exchange be subjected to such treatment as well”

“The whole school cant possibly target a small group of people like this.

Theyre too disrespectful.”

“Its a pity that the people who went last year were all in Year 3 or Year 4 and have now graduated and gone out to act in films.

Theyre no longer in school, so we cant find anyone to ask either.”

“Enough, enough.

Can we all quieten down for a bit” Teacher Hong said.

“Dont think too much about those unnecessary things.

Lets continue with our lesson for now.

No matter how they look down on us, at the root of it is that our capabilities are just not good enough.

As long as we managed to raise our own capabilities and not give others a chance to look down on us, that will be better than anything else.”

Whether it was because Teacher Hongs current words were effective or whether it was because of what Lu Man had said earlier, it made the students understand Teacher Hongs efforts.

This time, no one complained anymore.

Teacher Hong asked another two students to come up, gave them the topic, and let them perform.

After class, Lu Man, Zheng Yuan, and the other two girls left the classroom.

As they walked, Zheng Yuan said, “Those people are so infuriating.

But dont feel pressured, Lu Man.

Its like what Yuan Menghan said.

This is a group competition, so there is no point if youre the only one who performs well.

No matter how well you perform, it would be useless if other people hinder you.

It wouldnt be your fault even if you lost.”

“Dont worry.

I will just do my best.” Lu Man smiled and said, “Im not some superhero who can do everything.

I just do my best in everything.

For the competition this time, to be honest, I also know that the chances of us winning are slim.

We will just do our best and not leave any regrets behind.”

She was not someone who could resolve every issue.

Zheng Yuan heard that and nodded.

Han Leilei sighed.

“Its a pity that I wont be able to watch you competing with them.”

“Oh, right, you are setting off tomorrow, arent you” Pan Xue asked.


Im going over with the team tomorrow,” Han Leilei said.

“But its fine.

Anyway, Lu Man will be going there later as well.

I can watch a whole other showdown then.”

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