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Chapter 1529: Are You Really Okay with It

Although they were going to New York University as exchange students for a year, they would not actually be gone for a full year.

After theyd been promoted to Year 3, the names of the exchange students had needed confirming, and after that, arranging for passports and visa paperwork matters had needed time as well.

On top of that, it was a group activity, so there would surely be situations where someone delayed something or was missing some material.

Hence, the real set off date was delayed until now.

As the welcome dinner was at night, Lu Man did not go home and just remained in school.

Han Zhuoli drove straight over after he got off work.

When he was about to arrive, he gave her a call.

Lu Man then went to the school entrance to wait for him.

Not long after, she saw Han Zhuolis Mulsanne from afar.

When Han Zhuoli saw her, he quickly stopped at the entrance of the school so that Lu Man could come in.

“Have you eaten” Lu Man asked him.


I was afraid you would be anxious while waiting here, so I came over right after work,” Han Zhuoli said as he drove into the school and parked his car at a parking lot.

Lu Man unfastened the seatbelt and smiled until her eyes formed a line.

“I knew you definitely havent eaten, so I also waited for you before eating.”

Han Zhuoli glanced at the time.

“You waited this long Are you hungry”

“Im fine.” Lu Man really meant it.

“Thinking that you havent eaten, I didnt have much appetite to eat by myself anyway.”

“Do you have anything that you want to eat” Han Zhuoli asked as both of them got off the car.

As the welcome party was happening at night, most of the students did not leave school and were all waiting to attend.

They did not have much to do after dinner, so they naturally wandered around in the vicinity.

Some were coming back after gallivanting one whole round outside, while some were preparing to go out to gallivant.

Some of them were couples who decided to remain in school for their date.

It could be said that this was one of the National Film Academys most lively times.

Hence, everyone saw Lu Man and Han Zhuoli coming out from his Mulsanne.

Although everyone knew of Lu Man and Han Zhuolis relationship, their reactions were still one of extreme amazement when they saw this Mulsanne.

After all, back when Han Zhuoli had not yet shown his face, the first thing they saw was this Mulsanne.

They even had negative guesses about Lu Man because of this car.

Even after Han Zhuoli had appeared later on, because he had never shown his face publicly, there was still no one whod known that Lu Mans fiancée was Han Zhuoli.

They felt only that the Mulsanne probably meant that he was a rich person, but he might not be a very amazing person.

It was not until Han Zhuolis and Lu Mans relationship came out in the open that people realized in startlement that the Mulsanne and the back view of the man they saw previously actually belonged to Han Zhuoli!

The moment they thought of the words theyd said previously, they felt that they were utterly stupid and dumb.

Seeing Han Zhuolis face now and looking at that car, it really felt like they were dreaming.

Han Zhuoli and Lu Man had long been used to these stares and did not care about them.

The two of them just did what they should do.

Lu Man thought about it and said, “You havent walked around the vicinity of my school, right I would occasionally eat with Zheng Yuan and the girls for lunch nearby.

There are quite a few small but good restaurants around.

“Hmm…” Lu Man hummed before she said, “As theyre near the school, though, the shops are all small establishments, so the environment is just average.

Although its not like those hole in the wall eateries, the restaurants are still very packed.

But the smell of cooking smoke is very strong.

Would you be okay with that”

“Whats there to be scared of” Han Zhuoli held Lu Mans hand and said, “From what you say, it sounds very interesting.”

To tell the truth, Han Zhuoli had indeed never eaten in such conditions described by Lu Man.

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