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What godd*mn consistency.

Its not Xiao Zhang wooing the girl, for Petes sake!

Han Zhuoli shook his head in exasperation, thinking that he must really tell Old Mrs.

Han and Lin Liye later.

He couldnt help Han Zhuoling cover up anymore.

Otherwise, with him like this, he probably wouldnt even react in time by the time Shi Xiaoya sent him a wedding invitation.

Han Zhuoling had a suitable reason.

“Whats more, what if I missed her Am I supposed to walk around with such a big bunch of flowers”

Han Zhuoling slanted a look at Han Zhuoli indignantly.

“I almost missed her just now.”

Han Zhuoli smirked.

“You saidalmost. Didnt you bump into her still You encountered her and didnt think to give her the flowers.

Tsk, hows letting your subordinate deliver the flowers more sincere than giving them to her yourself”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

When Han Zhuoling saw that even Lu Man was looking at him with a “youre hopeless” expression, Han Zhuoling suddenly felt he was in trouble.

When the three finished eating, they walked back to the school.

Two devilishly handsome and elegant men decked out in suits and leather shoes were especially eye-catching.

Though the two had shown their faces publicly before, seeing them through screens was different from seeing them in person.

Many thought they looked familiar but did not dare to confirm.

There were many photos of common folks looking like celebrities, so it was hard to be sure.

However, many secretly took out their phones to take photos of them.

Lu Man was holding hands with Han Zhuoli, and she immediately shook his hand when she noticed their actions.

Han Zhuoli lowered his head and looked at her questioningly.

“Whats is it”

He looked so patient, his eyes all warm and gentle as if he wanted to fill them with Lu Man.

This made the many secret onlookers envious.

Especially the majority who were young ladies.

Even if Han Zhuolis gaze wasnt directed at them, their hearts were all fluttering, full of enviousness.

As if Han Zhuoli was looking at them.

How they wished Han Zhuoli was really looking at them like this instead!

Some were Lu Mans schoolmates, though in different grades and even different majors.

But Lu Man was truly influential in the school, so shes well-known.

Many had seen her before in school.

So they were able to recognize her.

“Isnt that Lu Man” Someone gasped.

Since its Lu Man, then the identity of the man beside her was clear.

It was certainly Han Zhuoli.

They thought that he looked familiar before, and some had even thought that he looked like the Han Zhuoli seen on TV, but they didnt dare confirm.

People do tend to look alike, and no one thought they could see this big boss in person.

But now that Lu Man was recognized, they knew the man was Han Zhuoli, without a doubt.

“Godd*mn, CEO Han” one of the students exclaimed softly.

“The way he looks at Lu Man, its so full of doting!”

“Really… really too envious!”

“Oh, right, theres a welcome party being held in our school for the exchange students tonight.

I heard that Han Zhuoli was coming, but I never thought hed really attend.”

“Its just for show.

Theyre acting for the public.

I dont believe it.

Han Zhuoli can have anyone he wants, does he really like Lu Man that much Who is Lu Man Someone who doesnt have anything, whose successes were all because of Han Zhuoli.

If its just because shes pretty, then there are many others who are prettier.

If its because shes successful, then there are many others who are more accomplished.

What method did she use to make Han Zhuoli like her”

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