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Big closed acne grew on her forehead and chin.

Shi Xiaoya wanted to cover up the blemishes under Jiang Yuhans eyes, but Jiang Yuhan was focused on her phone with her head lowered.

No matter how talented Shi Xiaoya was, she also couldnt draw on makeup when Jiang Yuhan refused to lift her face up.

Resigned, she said, “Teacher Jiang, could I trouble you to lift your face Ill be drawing below your eyes.”

“Cant you see Im chatting with others How am I supposed to type with my head up” Jiang Yuhan said, displeased.

“Youre a well-known makeup artist but you cant even do this”

Shi Xiaoyas expression remained neutral.

She was willing to accommodate Jiang Yuhan and be polite because of her professionalism, and because she didnt want to create trouble.

But with Jiang Yuhans attitude and doubt of her skills, Shi Xiaoya didnt want to hold back anymore.

When there were big events usually, only the award-winning actors and actresses could book her.

Because there were no international film festivals occurring now, there were no actors around Gao Zishans level to work for, one who didnt attend small-scale events like product promotion.

Hence, Shi Xiaoya was free around these times and would accept clients like Jiang Yuhan.

Just because she took on the job didnt mean she would take insults lying down.

Hence, Shi Xiaoya countered directly, “Sorry, I dont have the skill to do makeup over closed eyes.

I cant see your eyes, so I cant draw.”

Jiang Yuhan choked, then lifted her head reluctantly.

Before she could say anything, Xu Fei opened her mouth at the side.

“Dont make things difficult for others, Yuhan.

Xiaoya is the top makeup artist around.

You havent seen how heavy your eyebags and dark circles are, as if youve aged another 10 years.

If you dont lift your head, how is she going to cover those up for you”

Xu Fei was almost done with her makeup and she was glowing.

Being told that she looked a decade older than her true age was one of the most unbearable insults for women.

Feeling that she was mocked by Xu Fei because of Shi Xiaoya, Jiang Yuhan instantly directed her temper at the latter.

“And you dare claim to be a makeup artist for award-winning actors when you have only such limited skills Ive worked with other makeup artists and I always did what I wanted.

They never demanded me to lift up my head or anything and they still managed to do my makeup splendidly.

Why cant you do it I say youre worse than the average makeup artist, with such inadequate skills.

Best that you stop saying youre the appointed makeup artist for award-winning actors.”

Shi Xiaoya didnt look infuriated in the least and gave a smile.

“I didnt call myself that.

Its a name given by others.

If I really thought that Im the appointed makeup artist for award-winning actors, I wouldnt have accepted your offer, would I”

Everybody: “…”

Shi Xiaoya was really sharp-tongued.

Shi Xiaoya was extremely clear. If I only did makeup for award-winning actresses, youd never have had the chance to be done up by me at all.

Since youre still some small-time B-lister.

Though it wasnt said explicitly, everyone could read between the lines.

The message was loud and clear.

What she said was true.

Jiang Yuhan wasnt comparable to award-winning actresses…

But while the truth was the truth, for it to be said out loud in front of everyone else was still extremely embarrassing!

Jiang Yuhan grew red in anger.

Alas, Shi Xiaoya wasnt finished yet and she continued, “Whats more, since you feel that youve worked well with your previous makeup artists, then you should have kept them on.

Why did you approach me”

As far as Shi Xiaoya was concerned, the makeup artist Jiang Yuhan had previously wasnt that good.

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