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Chapter 1541: Are You Being Sarcastic with Me

Putting that aside, it was another matter whether Shi Xiaoya would still be willing to work with Jiang Yuhan next time shes free.

So, why would Shi Xiaoya be scared of her

After being surprised, Shi Feng and Ling Xiaoen came to their own realization and continued watching the show without saying anything.

Xu Fei knew this very well in her heart.

She was done with her own makeup and had a lot of free time, so she too watched the show from the side.

A fight between women was not one that would be good for Huang Yilun to intervene in.

Nothing would really happen however it went.

At most, it would just be a verbal quarrel.

“Well, thank you very much for giving me this chance.” Shi Xiaoya was done playing around with her words and said, “Theres still half an hour left to go.

Can you cooperate with me and lift up your face”

However, in Jiang Yuhans eyes, Shi Xiaoyas words were an admission of defeat.

Jiang Yuhan appeared to be pleased and did not insist on the matter.

Furthermore, they were really almost running out of time, so Jiang Yuhan said, “Alright, lets carry on quickly.”

Shi Xiaoya then continued putting on makeup for Jiang Yuhan.

As if she never quarreled with her before, she was very at peace.

Jiang Yuhan became displeased yet again.

A mere makeup artist dared to go against her directly

The more she thought about it, the harder it was for her to be at peace.

It would seem as if she was scared of Shi Xiaoya.

And in front of Xu Fei, Jiang Yuhan really did not want to admit defeat.

Yet Shi Xiaoyas actions were really too fast and too precise.

By the time Jiang Yuhan regretted it and wanted to mock her, Shi Xiaoya was already done putting on makeup for her.

She took out a mirror and placed it in front of her so that she could have a closer look.

“Do you think this look is okay”

Jiang Yuhan had to admit that Shi Xiaoyas caliber was really much higher than that of the makeup artists she had hired before.

She really did not understand.

They all learned how to apply makeup and these were all the same few steps.

How was the difference so big

Jiang Yuhan wanted to find something to nitpick on and said, “I dont like this eye makeup.

Its too light and simple.

Its not obvious at all unless you look up close.

Its totally not eye-catching.”

How could Shi Xiaoya not tell that she was picking on her on purpose But she still explained, “Because you requested for the emphasis to be on your lip makeup and asked for red lipstick to be put on you.

To highlight the lip makeup, the eye makeup should be simpler in comparison.

This can then emphasize the lip makeup even more.

There always has to be an emphasis and an accompanying foil.

Both cannot be emphasized.

The competing emphasis would, on the contrary, make the parts that are supposed to be highlighted diminished, and any emphasis would be lost.

“Also, the lip makeup is already very thick.

If the eye makeup is made thicker as well, the makeup will look cakey,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Furthermore, your eyes are pretty, so the makeup really complements it.”

Even though she was praised by her, Jiang Yuhan did not feel happy at all.

She still said adamantly, “I dont think so.

Ive seen many photos of Hollywood female stars on the red carpet.

Their eye makeup is still very exquisite.”

Shi Xiaoya knew deep down that Jiang Yuhan was just finding something to nitpick on, so she did not seem to lose her cool at all.

She gave a faint smile and said, “You can give me an example.

Ill go and learn from there.”

Jiang Yuhan got angry the moment she heard that.

“Whats this Are you being sarcastic with me Other people gave you a few praises and you really think you are the best in the industry.

Whatever you said is right and whatever you drew is good.

You wont even allow me to give you some suggestions”

Shi Xiaoya took out her phone.

It was unknown what she was looking for.

If shed known this early on, she would not have accepted a job from Jiang Yuhan.


Shi Xiaoya even felt like laughing.

“Whats wrong You dont like hearing what I said so you just decided to play with your phone” Jiang Yuhan raised her voice and said, “You actually dare to be so arrogant right in front of my face.


Shi, is this how you do your work usually Those praises you got in the past were probably fake, it seems to me.

I wonder how those praises came about.”

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