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Chapter 1557: Leave It for Qin Zigou

They were all from one of the eight great families, so Han Zhuoling was not unfamiliar with people from the Qin Family.

Thus, in front of him, Shi Xiaoya did not use Qin Zigous English name.

“He comes often” Han Zhuolings voice now sounded even colder.

“Not really.

Both of us are busy with work.

Where would we find the time to visit each others houses often Its just that I live alone, so there would inevitably be areas that Id need help repairing.

If I called someone over to fix it, Id be alone at home with them, so Im a bit scared that thered be a chance something bad might happen.

So if he had time, Id ask him to come over so I can have peace of mind as well,” Shi Xiaoya explained.

She did not know if Han Zhuoling accepted this explanation.

Shi Xiaoya only thought it through afterward.

Why did she explain so much to Han Zhuoling

Han Zhuoling glanced at the slippers and did not put it on.

“I dont need to wear slippers.”

His feet that only had socks on silently stepped into the living room.

He would not want to wear an unknown mans slippers.

Shi Xiaoya felt helpless.

She could only take it that Han Zhuoling had OCD[1] and did not want to wear what others had worn before.

She then put the slippers away and changed out of her own shoes.

As he watched her series of actions, Han Zhuolings face turned even darker.

He was not in a good mood and did not want to eat anything!

Shi Xiaoya put down her bag and took off her winter jacket, revealing her sweater and jeans, which accentuated her figure clearly and nicely.

Shi Xiaoya did not bother changing into casual clothes.

After all, with Han Zhuoling around, she would not be able to be so relaxed.

“Ill go to the kitchen and see what I have,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“You dont even know what you have in your own house” Han Zhuoling asked.

Shi Xiaoya laughed guilty and awkwardly.

“Usually, Im busy at work and dont really eat at home often.

Its either I eat lunch boxes when Im working outside or order in takeouts when Im at my workplace.”

After working for the whole day, she would really feel too lazy to prepare her own food, so she would still order in.

She did not say that, or else Han Zhuoling would think that she was complaining and did not want to make food for him.

Shi Xiaoya opened the fridge and took a look.

There were the lamb and beef noodles she bought online the day before, as well as some pan-fried dumplings.

These were all the food trending online in various localities.

The lamb and beef noodles were from Gui Zhou, while the pan-fried dumplings were from S City.

They were bought by the local buyer agents, who then sent it over at the fastest possible pace.

The lamb and beef noodles were still fine, but the pan-fried dumplings would need to be heated up in the oven for a while, or else it would be soft and lumpy, losing its taste.

She liked spicy food and was the kind who can really take spice.

Even back when she had a face full of pimples, it did not stop her from pursuing her passion for eating spicy food.

Hence, the lamb and beef noodles were both especially spicy.

She wondered if Han Zhuoling would be able to take it.

Pan-fried dumplings… Eating that at night might not be good for digestion.

Shi Xiaoya thought about it and asked Han Zhuoling, “Can you eat beef noodles”

The chili was in a separate pack, so less could be added.

“Are you cooking it” Han Zhuoling asked.

“Yeah.” Shi Xiaoya took out a packet of beef noodles for Han Zhuoling to see.

“Its this kind, a specialty of Gui Zhou.

Its very nice.

The ingredients inside are all pre-packed.

There are real beef slices and it can be cooked.

They used vacuum-sealed packaging.”

“I wont eat it.” Han Zhuoling thought to himself that since it was not something that she cooked, that it was pre-packed and bought, he would not eat it.

“Leave it for Qin Zigou to eat,” Han Zhuoling continued.

Ready-made products like these should just be left for Qin Zigou.

Han Zhuoling himself would eat only the things that Shi Xiaoya personally cooked.

Shi Xiaoya totally did not understand what Han Zhuoling meant by saying that and subconsciously said, “He doesnt like eating these.”

[1] Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

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