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Chapter 1564: Give My Male Idol a Followback

It was really weird.

Usually, when she put on makeup for male artistes, shed find that those male artistes all use some cologne.

Furthermore, those people were devilishly handsome as well.

It was as if the scent of their hormones matched their faces.

By rights, they should have been very attractive, but Shi Xiaoya just totally had no feelings for them.

She smiled on the outside, but her heart was very cold.

She did not feel captivated at all.

Even the pure admiration for handsome looks was not there.

But with Han Zhuoling, everything was different.

Even this light scent could make her heart beat faster.

Shi Xiaoya carefully rolled up Han Zhuolings tie, just like how shop assistants did at shop counters, before putting it into a specialized compartment in the drawer.

She wanted to find a chance to return it to him.

It was just that she did not have Han Zhuolings contact on hand, so she would ask Lu Man about it next time.

After throwing out these thoughts, she went to remove her makeup and changed into comfortable home clothes.

She then turned on the computer and prepared to upload the new product testing video that she had edited yesterday onto Weibo, Bilibili, and her official WeChat account.

She had just logged in to Weibo on her computer when she realized that her notifications had already burst.

She was a pretty famous makeup artist after all and had quite a lot of fans to begin with.

But normally, such explosive situations occurred only when she had just uploaded new videos.

Usually, there would not be such a huge reaction.

Shi Xiaoya felt that it was strange; even the comments were exceptionally many.

However, her latest Weibo post was in words and just mentioned that she was on the Survivor reality show as a makeup artist.

The attached photo was just a random emoticon picture that she found, as she did not want to reveal the content of the shows first episode.

She did not even dare to upload photos of the filming location.

Netizens nowadays were too impressive.

They had an exceptionally twisted way of catching details, and each of them was more shockingly skilled than Detective Conan.

Through a small, insignificant detail that you would not even notice, they would be able to guess where the production team was filming.

Shi Xiaoya was afraid that she would bring trouble to the production team, so she avoided such things as much as she could.

Even this Weibo post was dated last week.

She did not expect there to be so many comments all of a sudden today.

Shi Xiaoya glanced through and saw that there were actually more than 10,000 comments.

She felt it was strange.

Did something happen today

She had never been the controversial kind and had certainly not done anything to attract controversy recently.

Shi Xiaoyas first reaction was, could it be that her words that simply said that she was entering the team as a makeup artist also revealed some secret about the production team

Shi Xiaoya quickly opened the comments section to check but realized that the comments were very neat.

“Team Looking Up Han Zhuolings Wife reporting here.”

“Team Looking Up Han Zhuolings Wife reporting here.”

This was one pattern.

Another one was, “Give my male idol a followback please.”

This phrase also generated a long line of supporters behind it.

They were all asking her for a followback.

Follow back who

Among these patterns, there were also other comments mixed in it.

“Looking through Han ZhuolingsFollowing list.

There is only Han Zhuoli, Han Zhuofeng, Wei Zhiqian, Chu Zhaoyang, these few.

A whole list of men and suddenly a girl pops up in there.

This is really scary.”

“Was my male idols heart moved Dont throw away your monk persona!”

“Pardon my small brains.

I really cant imagine Han Zhuoling liking someone.”

“OP, what exactly is your relationship with Han Zhuoling Why are you the only girl he follows”

“As Han Zhuolings wife-fan, I need an explanation.”

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