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Chapter 1565: Seeing Him Find a Good Partner

“No need to explain.

Our Xiaoya is a cute and bubbly girl.

Its very natural that shed be liked by someone.” These were Shi Xiaoyas fans.

“Xiaoya, quick, go and follow Han Zhuoling! If you manage to pick the unattainable flower, you also become unattainable!”

Shi Xiaoya got a shock but finally understood what was going on.

She quickly opened her follower list and realized to her astonishment that amid a sea of people, there lay quietly Han Zhuolings name.

They were clearly emotionless words provided by the system and were no different from others, yet Han Zhuolings name simply stood out.

She could spot his name amid the sea of people at once.

Shi Xiaoya quickly clicked “Follow” and, immediately, the situation thereafter unfolded to become that of her relationship with Han Zhuoling.

Instantly, the mood became very different.

It was as if the relationship between the two of them became so much closer.

Shi Xiaoya could not help but give a silly smile, knowingly.

She also could not help clicking on Han Zhuolings Weibo profile.

She realized that his Weibo never had a post related to himself.

The posts were all kinds of publicity posts for the Han Corporation and its affiliated companies.

Like a new movie that aired, a new television drama, or a newly developed theme park, etc.

However, although they were all publicity posts, Shi Xiaoya also noticed that he had never promoted a female celebrity individually before.

Usually, when the artistes under a company attended a large-scale event or took on some major brand endorsement, the company would definitely do its best to publicize, and the top leaders of the company were no exception.

However, Han Zhuoling had never reposted these publicity posts before.

Not a single one.

Shi Xiaoya guessed, “Could he be trying to avoid causing some unnecessary misunderstandings”

She did not know what Han Zhuoling was thinking, and Shi Xiaoya did not know why, but she just felt extremely happy when she realized what he was doing.

This man was really very disciplined.

Who knew if those netizens had been keeping watch on Han Zhuolings Weibo, but the moment Shi Xiaoya clicked “Follow,” these people got excited again.

“She followed back, Shi Xiaoya followed back.”

“It is just a simple mutual following.

Why do I smell the scent of a scandalous affair”

“Its probably because Shi Xiaoya is the first female Han Zhuoling has followed.”

“Our Xiaoya is so great!”

“Aye, Ill also follow Shi Xiaoya.

As Han Zhuolings auntie-fan, I want to keep watch on the developments of the scandalous affair of these two.”

“The person above, make yourself clear.

Why do you want to be an auntie-fan You have a very good mindset for wanting to be the aunt of a 30-plus-year-old man.”

“Whats the problem I can be his younger aunt.

I wont talk about Han Zhuolings unpleasant experience previously, but hes such a good man.

I have to see him find a good partner.”

“The person above makes a lot of sense.

I am that good partner.”

The comments started to go into all directions, but Shi Xiaoya was thinking, “How did they think of a scandalous affair from this”

She wanted to upload her videos initially, but she did not dare to now after suddenly gaining a huge wave of fans and with this matter still being a hot topic right now.

But she still had to upload it in the future.

She could not just keep running away from it.

And it had already been two weeks since she last uploaded a video.

She could not drag it any longer.

Shi Xiaoya thought about it and still decided to upload the video.

Not long after she uploaded it, there were fans who left comments.

“Wah, Xiaoya finally uploaded a new video.”

“The products in the video happen to be the ones that I really like.

Seeing that Xiaoya bought them, I see they seem to be pretty good.

Ill go find a local buying agent right now.”

“Xiaoya, whats going on with you and Han Zhuoling”

“Xiaoya, dont just upload videos without saying anything.

You should at least say a few words.

Whats going on with you and Han Zhuoling”

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