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Chapter 1573: Really Think He Was Stupid

Lu Man: “Hehe.”

“Tsk tsk.” Han Zhuoli turned to look at Lu Man, his finger tapping on his screen.

“Look at him, hows he gonna get the girl Saying he doesnt need a girls contact number For what He doesnt know for what purpose”

“Thats right.

Unlike you, who used the excuse of lending me money to exchange phone numbers and WeChat, even lying about not having Alipay.” Lu Man looked at him with a raised brow.

And then, when they were dating, she realized that he was so adept at using Alipay.

Han Zhuoli: “…”

“If it hadnt done it like that, how would I have gotten together with you” Han Zhuoli wrapped his arms Lu Mans shoulders.

“Im so glad now that I was so thick-skinned then.”

“Me too.” Glad that he was brazen and persistent enough back then.

Or else, with her attitude in the past, being so afraid of relationships, she might have missed him.

After a while, Han Zhuoli noticed that Lu Man was searching for something on her phone.

“What are you looking for” he asked.

She opened her call history.

“Shi Xiaoyas number! Her WeChat could be found with her number.”

Lu Man found it and sent it to Han Zhuoli.

“Send the number to Big Brother, and tell him to add Shi Xiaoya on WeChat using her number,” Lu Man explained.

“Im afraid he wont even think of that if you dont tell him.”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

Seems about right.

Hence, Han Zhuoli did as Lu Man instructed and sent Shi Xiaoyas number to Han Zhuoling.

“This is Shi Xiaoyas number.

Man Man just gave it to me.

You can add her on WeChat through her number,” Han Zhuoli instructed.

“Dont forget!”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

These two kids, did they really think he was stupid

“Got it,” Han Zhuoling replied.

And he saved Shi Xiaoyas phone number.

Indeed, after saving it, he could search for Shi Xiaoya on his WeChat.

Han Zhuoling hovered at this page before choosing to add her as a good friend.

Thus, Shi Xiaoya received Han Zhuolings friend request before she went to sleep.

Shi Xiaoya stared at her phone, disbelieving.

Rubbing her eyes, she finally confirmed she wasnt imagining Han Zhuolings request.

She pressed on her chest, for her heart had started beating fast.

Shi Xiaoya pressed on “Agree” nervously, and her finger slipped and almost clicked “Reject.”

She sighed in relief, seeing that she didnt make a mistake.

She got scared thinking about what would have happened if she had rejected him by accident.

With the great Young Master Ling adding her as a good friend of his own volition, Lord knows how angry he would be if she rejected him.

Shi Xiaoya exhaled, no longer in the mood to do any stretching exercises.

But she just had supper and didnt dare to sleep so early, so she stood on tiptoes against the wall.

And opened a conversation with Han Zhuoling.

Strangely, when shes not in front of him, she had no idea what to say.

Because its a cold, impersonal screen, and words couldnt directly express how a person felt, it was easy to create misunderstandings.

Shi Xiaoya struggled to think of what to say.

Han Zhuoling had added her as a good friend, and she felt rude and arrogant if she said nothing.

Finally, Shi Xiaoya thought of the tie Han Zhuoling had left behind.

She quickly keyed in, “Young Master Ling, you left your tie at my house.”

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