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Chapter 1576: Got Shudders All Over His Body

She simply and honestly answered Han Zhuolings question, “This is a Pikachu.”

Shi Xiaoya brought up the soft toy in her hands so Han Zhuoling could see it clearly.

Han Zhuoling stared at the yellow rat in her arms and raised his eyebrow as he asked, “This rat even has a name”

“Of course!” Shi Xiaoya defended the Pikachu.

What a cute little buddy, yet he called it a rat.

“Its a character in a cartoon.

Its name is Pikachu, and its really cute,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“It doesnt know how to say anything else, it just keeps sayingPika, Pikachu.\'”

As a fan of Pikachu, Shi Xiaoya subconsciously imitated Pikachus voice.

Han Zhuoling was totally unprepared for this and suddenly got shudders all over his body.

The electric feeling that rose from his gut charged right through his heart and up to the tips of his ears.

At the same time, two clusters at the center of his abdomen coursed downwards, charging through both of his legs.

How… How is she so cute!

Shi Xiaoya could not see Han Zhuolings physical reaction through the video call.

She could only see that he seemed to have been stunned on the other end.

Shi Xiaoya instantly felt embarrassed.

What on earth did she just say!

Of all the things she could say properly, she had to imitate Pikachu!

“Im not like this usually!”

“Say it again for me to hear.”

Both of them spoke at the same time.

“Ah” Shi Xiaoya was stunned.

“What did you say”

Han Zhuoling coughed uneasily.

He got shudders all over his body from Shi Xiaoyas voice.

Even his words did not go through his brain.

Hed just said them out loud, actually voicing out the little thought he was hiding in his mind.

Han Zhuoling felt it was strange too.

He had never made such a mistake before.

No matter when it was, he would be able to conceal his inner thoughts well and not reveal them to others.

Or else, how would he be able to deal with those old foxes in the business field

But he actually directly said his thoughts just now.

This was something that had really never happened before.

Shi Xiaoya had asked him that clearly because she was worried that she had misunderstood his words.

But since Han Zhuoling had already said it, and indeed wanted to hear her say it again, he decided not to hide it.

He was just like that, and that was similar to his approach to work.

If he could conceal his thoughts, he would keep hiding them, but if the other party had guessed them, then he would just graciously admit it and seek another ending.

But no matter which result it was, it would definitely be advantageous to him.

“That Pikachu just now,” Han Zhuoling said very seriously, “can you say it again”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

The great First Young Master Han had on a stern face, asking her to imitate Pikachu in all seriousness.

Why does this scene look so weird

Both of them were just casually chatting at first, but it was still quite normal.

How did it turn to this

“That…” Shi Xiaoyas face reddened as she said, “I didnt do that on purpose.

Im an adult already.

Its quite embarrassing for me to imitate this.”

To her surprise, Han Zhuoling actually said very seriously, “No, it sounds very nice.”

Right after saying that, Han Zhuoling immediately added, “Very interesting.”

Shi Xiaoya laughed, embarrassed.

She did not expect that Han Zhuoling would hold on to that topic and say, “Say it again for me to hear.”

Shi Xiaoya felt that things were heading in an extremely weird direction.

But if she did not do the imitation, Han Zhuoling would not speak, and he did not look like he was going to start on another topic.

Shi Xiaoya could only brace herself and mimic the voice again.


She lowered her head, feeling too embarrassed to look at Han Zhuoling.

On the screen, Han Zhuoling could only see a hair whorl on the top of her head.

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