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Chapter 1580: Sow Discord

Dean He chuckled.

“Dont be so happy just yet.

This is just the schools preference.

When the Principal first received the official notice yesterday, he immediately gathered all the schools leaders and teachers for a meeting and came to this decision, as well as a name list.

He started contacting every director from the top of the name list, but he had yet to receive any acceptance from any director.

Most of them rejected it with reasons like differences in schedules and having no time.”

What differences in schedules Mentioning this made Dean He filled with rage again.

One of the directors they contacted yesterday could not be compared to Sun Yiwu in terms of box office sales, but in terms of experience and reputation, as well as the various awards he had received in the past, he was way more superior than Sun Yiwu.

When they contacted him, his assistant said that he was not free and had work arrangements for these next few days.

Yet this morning, news of him quarreling with someone in a restaurant in B City last night exploded online.

This was the classic example of having nothing better to do.

He just did not want to come.

“So, the school is still trying hard right now.

Every teacher in our school is also trying to use their connections to contact one director.

We have a weeks time to prepare, including agreeing on the piece that we would be performing, each persons role, the director, as well as on the rehearsals.”

A weeks time seemed a little rushed, but in actual fact, even if they did manage to contact a renowned director, the person would only be able to fork out one or two days time to come and guide them.

The person would not really spend their whole week here.

“Right now, you guys can go with Teacher Yao, Teacher Hong, and Teacher Wan from the Directing major to decide on the work that you all are going to perform first, and then decide on your individual roles.

These three teachers will lead you all in the rehearsals for now.

When the director is confirmed, we will invite the director over to guide you or make improvements,” Dean He said.

Dong Jingxi glanced at Lu Man and suddenly said, “Isnt Lu Man very close to Director Sun and Director Ji Anyway, shes also…”

Dong Jingxi laughed then said, “Mrs.


You have such a huge backer in Young Master Han and the whole Han Corporation, and half of the renowned directors in the country are under the Han Corporation.

If Lu Man asks Young Master Han about it, wont it be just a matter of asking which director to come Why would the school need to be put in such a difficult position Principal Liu even has to contact them personally one by one and end up being rejected”

Dong Jingxi was implying that Lu Man could clearly help with this, yet she just stood by the side to watch Principal Liu getting rejected by those directors and the school be put in a difficult position.

She was blatantly speaking ill of Lu Man like this.

Lu Man eyed Dong Jingxi coldly.

She was quite curious—from where did Dong Jingxi get such a huge animosity towards her

Just because she did not perform as well as she did during the Chinese Arts Championships

But thats because Dong Jingxis skills were not as good as hers.

What did that have to do with Lu Man

Without waiting for Lu Man to say anything, Principal Liu said in an unhappy and somber tone, “This is the schools matter to begin with.

You guys are a group as well and share honor and disgrace with the school, and theres no cause to push all the responsibility to one person.

Lu Man does have connections with the Han Corporation, but what has the Han Corporation got to do with our school If the school has an issue, the school will solve it by itself.

Dont tell me we have to rely on the Han Corporation for everything The Han Corporation isnt the schools granary.

Theres no such obligation in this world.”

Dong Jingxi did not expect her “kind intentions” to be slapped back in her face by Principal Liu.

Her expression was not good and she said stiffly, “Principal, you said it as well, we are a group.

Now that the group is facing a problem, it becomes our problem as well.

For the sake of our entire group, is it also wrong to ask Lu Man to go and ask the Han Corporation for help”

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