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Chapter 1581: Well-planned

Zheng Yuan opened her mouth coldly to say, “If the director is invited in the name of the school by the principal, then any favors played from thereon will be between the school and the director.

If Lu Man intervened, shed be using Young Master Hans and the Han Corporations name.

Itd become a favor owed between Lu Man, Young Master Han, the Han Corporation, and the director.

Wouldnt this be too big of a favor then”

Zheng Yuan didnt even dare say the rest in front of the schools leaders.

What a big standing Dong Jingxi had, huh, to use the Han Corporation and its people and make them play second fiddle to the school

Moreover, the students like her were the ones who stood to gain.

Especially Dong Jingxi and the few others, who always lacked the opportunity to work with a big-name director.

But if they got the chance to become acquainted with reputable directors because of Lu Man, then they could easily advance their careers.

It was something they could only benefit from.

Dong Jingxi dared to have it all well-planned.

“Dont you understand Thats what Principal Liu meant.

This is the schools affair.

No matter what favor owed, the school will be responsible for it, not Lu Man, and not the Han Corporation,” Zheng Yuan said.

“So we cant ask Lu Man to do this.”

Principal Liu nodded; Zheng Yuan got his point.

“We cant let Lu Man represent the school” Dong Jingxi merely wanted to challenge them so that the school wouldnt pamper Lu Man like a precious babe.

But now that her suggestion was ruthlessly denied, not only did she not achieve her aim, she was made to seem like a fool.

This was not her original goal anymore, but Dong Jingxi couldnt back down, determined to gain back her dignity.

“Lu Mans representing the school in the competition.

Shes part of the group, so cant she do more for the school” Dong Jingxi said snidely.

Zheng Yuan sneered, “Then why dont you do something too Arent you filming as well Go contact a few directors, then!”

Dong Jingxi gritted her teeth.

“If I had Lu Mans connections, I would.

But I dont have them, do I And theres no need to approach other directors.

Isnt Lu Man well-acquainted with Director Sun and Director Ji Approaching any one of them will do.

When Lu Man joined Classic X Files back then, didnt she invite Director Sun, Director Ji, Du Lin, and even Wang Juhuai Now that the school needs help, shes not going to do a thing”

Zheng Yuan curled her lip.

“And when she brings a famous director, youll seize the chance to make yourself known for future work opportunities, is that right Using Lu Mans effort to benefit yourself, how well thought out.”

Dong Jingxis countenance became ugly.

“Lu Man hasnt found anyone yet and youve already planned my future moves for me!”

“Enough!” Principal Liu broke their argument.

However, he didnt step in when Zheng Yuan spoke.

He only intervened when it was Dong Jingxis turn.

His stand was apparent.

Dong Jingxi did not consider things as deeply as Zheng Yuan did just now because she was focused on making things difficult for Lu Man.

But now that she was involved, she knew whom Principal Liu supported when he spoke.

“If Lu Man really didnt care, then shed be in New York by now, not in a meeting here,” Principal Liu said coldly.

“This is the schools matter, and if every little thing is passed to Lu Man to deal with, then I might as well hand over my position as principal to her.”

Dong Jingxi lowered her head with a dark expression.

Dean He said, “Alright, the most important thing now is unity.

If we cant even do this, theres not a chance we can win.”

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