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Just these were enough to drag on until late noon.

They even had takeouts for lunch.

When things were finally settled, Lu Man got the lead role without questions.

Coincidentally, the main character of the movie was a female.

“And thats it for today,” Deng Xu said.

“This is the scene chosen for the performance.

Do go back and study your own characters.

I dont want you to just imitate the characters in the movie, I want you guys to have your own style and interpretation, so that there is spirit in your acting, so that viewers will be impacted by your performance.

Think on how you will act if it were you, since youre younger than the actors in the movie.

The same performance might suit them but not you.

Use your brains, and try it once.

“Ill check on your results tomorrow and give you pointers.

In the coming days, youll have to depend on your teachers to coach you.

Ill come on the last day for a final rehearsal,” Deng Xu said.

Just like what Han Zhuoli had stated, Deng Xu only had three days free.

Today counted as one day, and there were two days left.

Everyone nodded, determined.

Winning the competition wasnt on their minds anymore.

They were working on leaving a favorable impression on Deng Xu, and they would go the extra mile to do so.

And if they scored a nice victory over the exchange team, then it was even better!

When they finished, Deng Xu even had a short conversation with Lu Man before leaving.

Everyone was envious but not angry about it.

Because of Lu Mans status.

Lu Man and Zheng Yuan exited the building, and Lu Man was about to call Han Zhuoli when Dong Jingxi blocked her path.

Lu Man wondered why she hadnt left yet.

Had she been waiting here all along

Dong Jingxi asked through gritted teeth, “Lu Man, did you ask the principal to swap me”

Lu Man frowned.

“Dong Jingxi, you knew clearly that I was in the classroom just now and didnt move an inch.

Have you seen me tell the principal anything”

Dong Jingxi knew in her heart that the principal swapped her for someone else on his own.

“I dont get why youre picking on me.

You get even more enthusiastic when Im ignoring you,” Lu Man said coldly.

“We dont have any clashes in our future careers, so what do you have against me”

Dong Jingxi read between the lines clearly.

Lu Man implied that their standards were different, so their advancing careers wouldnt be on the same level as well.

Thats true.

Since she had Han Zhuoli, Lu Man could be all holier-than-thou and take part in big productions by famous directors, directly entering the A-list.

While she had to work on some low-cost dramas first.

Dong Jingxi scoffed scornfully.

“Who are you to think youre better than me when you only depend on men!”

Zheng Yuan became furious hearing that.

There must be something wrong with Dong Jingxis brain!

She had been picking fights ever since the beginning.

When Lu Man refused to stoop to her level, she became even more enthusiastic in her attempts.

However, Lu Man only smiled.

“Since you know my man is dependable, whered you find the courage to keep picking on me”


Zheng Yuan couldnt contain her laughter.

Lu Mans words were too vicious!

“You…” Dong Jingxi wasnt a total fool; she understood her words.

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