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Chapter 1593: Accidents May Occur Easily

But Xia Qingwei actually recovered afterward, and she even married Wang Juhuai.

Lu Mans a popular artiste currently, and she was capable both at acting and at dealing with public relations.

Wu Lizes mother had regretted her decision more than once.

But its too late now, and Lu Man was already Han Zhuolis wife.

Wu Lize gazed at Lu Man, feeling complicated emotions.

She used to be someone who wasnt good enough to be his girlfriend, and now, she had become someone he wasnt good enough to be with.

“Manager Wu.” Lu Man did not know of Wu Lizes tangled feelings.

She probably couldnt even remember who he was.

Wu Lize struggled to form the words, “Madam.”

Lu Man smiled and left.

When she arrived at Han Zhuolis office, Zheng Tianming said to her with a smile, “CEOs alone inside.”

Lu Man entered directly without knocking.

Han Zhuoli finished his work just then.

Closing the file, he walked straight towards Lu Man.

Lu Man closed the door and barely walked two steps before Han Zhuoli was upon her, kissing her deeply.

Lu Man was caught unawares, crushed by his hug.

She wondered what got to this man for him to behave like this.

She was pressed onto the sofa just as she finished her thought.

“When you called me hubby over the phone just now, I wanted to do this immediately,” Han Zhuoli said hoarsely.

Lu Man blushed upon hearing his words.

“Done with your work”

“I finished them when you entered.” Han Zhuoli chuckled.

“So all my time now is for you.”

With that, he latched onto her lips once more.

Lu Man felt the heat from his hand burn through her coat and onto her waist.

She squirmed into his embrace uncomfortably.

After the thorough kissing, Lu Man hurriedly gasped out, “The family home.”

If it was up to him, everyone would know what they got up to with one glance when they left.

How embarrassing to meet the elders like this!

Han Zhuoli didnt move, though he held back.

“Whats with the phone call Calling me hubby so nicely out of nowhere”

Lu Man didnt dare say shed said it to spite Dong Jingxi.

Or he would certainly get angry.

He would be petty knowing that she did it out of spite.

“Its nothing, I simply wanted to call you that.” She wasnt lying, she did want to address him that.

Han Zhuoli laughed lightly.

“Dont address me like that when Im driving or occupied next time.”

Lu Man was curious.


Han Zhuoli explained with a smirk, “Because accidents may occur easily.”

Seeing that Lu Man still did not understand, Han Zhuoli explained further, “Hearing you call me that makes me… excitable.”

Lu Man finally understood and froze instantly.

Lu Man chickened out and stammered, “I-Its quite late, huh.

We should head to the family home.”

Han Zhuolis palm braced her lower back, pressing her closer to him.

He found it amusing.

Did all the people Lu Man thrashed know that this lass was like a mouse in front of him

However, Han Zhuoli knew better to engage in other activities here since it was late.

So he could only press down on her like this as a minor consolation.

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