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Chapter 1597: Why Are You Feeling Guilty

She rubbed the part of her chest where her heart was at and took two deep breaths before she answered the call.


“Its me, Han Zhuoling.” Han Zhuolings voice sounded from the phone.

As his face could not be seen, with the phone against her ear, only his voice could be heard.

His voice that was originally nice to hear to begin with was amplified at this moment, making it even more alluring.

His low voice seemed to have a magnetic pull to it.

In such situations where only the voice could be heard, the virtues of his voice only seemed to be magnified boundlessly, making him even more sexy and seductive.

“Young Master Ling,” Shi Xiaoya immediately called.

As she said that, she stood up immediately.

As she was nervous and her actions were too big, even the swivel chair was pushed backward when she stood up.

It was just that her swivel chair was not too far away from the wall behind them, and hence, the chair knocked into the wall soon after it was pushed backward, making a “bang” sound that was quite loud.

“What happened” Han Zhuoling heard the sound and asked, “Did you knock yourself accidentally”

“No, no!” Shi Xiaoya immediately said.

“Are you here already”

“Im downstairs,” Han Zhuoling replied.

“Ill go down right now.

Ive already packed my things,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Take your time, dont rush.” Han Zhuoling still felt that she might have really knocked herself just now.

“Okay,” Shi Xiaoya answered dejectedly.

She ended the call and just felt that Han Zhuoling probably thought she was clumsy.

As she held her bag and recalled what she had just said, Shi Xiaoya shut her eyes and felt like knocking her brains.

Why did she always say stupid things whenever she talked to him!

Why did she add “Ive already packed my things” for no reason

As if she could not wait to meet him and packed her things a long time ago just to wait for him to come.

Shi Xiaoya took her bag and had just stepped out of the office when Guo Yujie saw her and said, “Xiaoya, youre leaving now”

“Yeah.” Shi Xiaoya nodded.

“There shouldnt be much work left, so you can go back earlier as well.”

Guo Yujie immediately took up her bag and said, “I was about to leave too.

I was just waiting for you.”

“Waiting for me” Shi Xiaoya felt it was strange.


Arent we going to meet the production team of Survivor tomorrow Im going to visit my parents today.

Wont you pass by my parents house on your way home” Guo Yujie chuckled sheepishly.

“Boss, can you drive me there since its on the way”

Guo Yujie was Shi Xiaoyas assistant ever since the initial days when Shi Xiaoya first set up her work studio.

Both of them were around the same age, and Shi Xiaoya had a good temper, so as long as it was off work hours, Guo Yujie would not stand on formalities with Shi Xiaoya.

Of course, Guo Yujie was aware of the limits as well.

She was always very serious at work and did not cross the line just because she was on good terms with Shi Xiaoya in private.

Work was work, private matters were private matters.

She was very clear about that.

In private, both of them were not so formal with each other and treated each other just like friends.

“Ah, I didnt drive over today,” Shi Xiaoya explained.

“Alright, then.” Guo Yujie did not probe further when she heard that she did not drive and decided to take the train by herself.

“Oh, right, if you didnt drive over, how are you getting back later” Guo Yujie asked as she walked out together with her.

Shi Xiaoya could not lie, so when Guo Yujie asked, she did not know what to say.

Both of them entered the lift.

Guo Yujie narrowed her eyes and leaned in closer to her, making Shi Xiaoyas hairs stand on end as she did.

Shi Xiaoya averted her gaze guiltily and shifted her gaze upwards to avoid her as she said, “What are you doing”

Guo Yujie laughed and asked, “Whats with that difficult expression on your face I only asked how you were getting back, why are you feeling guilty”

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