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Chapter 1601: Suddenly Realizing Something Was Amiss

In the end, he came today.

“What are you staring at” Han Zhuoling finally could not help but ask.

When she first stared at him previously, hed already felt it but did not say anything.

But this little girl seemed to be hooked on it and glanced at him every few seconds.

They only walked for ten meters and she had already stared at him more than a dozen times.

This was such a high frequency—did she really think that he was blind

“Nothing.” Shi Xiaoya thought about it and still replied honestly, “I just never thought that you would shop at a supermarket.”

“I really never shopped at one before.” Han Zhuoling pushed the trolley along calmly.

He had never been to one since he was young, let alone accompanied anyone to shop at a supermarket.

Such matters were simply a waste of time for him.

However, he actually did not have such a feeling when he was accompanying Shi Xiaoya today.

Instead, he found it relaxing and enjoyable.

Moreover, he would not feel annoyed no matter how long they shopped for.

As they walked, Han Zhuoling suddenly stopped when he saw a shop selling daily home necessities.

This brand was quite well known, and its products were comfortable and looked nice, even though the price was not expensive.

Han Zhuoling heard of it before but had never used that brand.

“What is it” Shi Xiaoya asked.

Han Zhuoling pointed to this shop and asked, “Does this shop sell home necessities”

Shi Xiaoya nodded.

“They sell casual clothes as well as home necessities, so its quite comprehensive.

The styles are not bad as well.”

Shi Xiaoya would also come and shop around here when she had nothing to do, and she would buy some unique things to bring back home when she saw them.

In this aspect, she was much more familiar with it than Han Zhuoling.

“Lets go in and take a look.” Han Zhuoling pushed the trolley and walked inside.

Shi Xiaoya followed him in surprise and asked, “Young Master Ling, what else do you want to buy”

Shi Xiaoya could not imagine him buying home necessities for himself no matter how she thought about it.

Anyway, her father and elder brother definitely would not think of such things and would just leave it to the auntie at home to do it.

They would just casually tell her to do it and not care about it afterward.

So Han Zhuolings demeanor now really gave her a shock.

She followed Han Zhuoling around in astonishment the whole time.

Han Zhuoling could not find his way around by himself either.

The shop was huge, so it made one dizzy just walking around.

The mens apparel was in one section, the womens apparel in another section, and the childrens apparel in yet another section.

Thereafter, there were bed products, crockery, and other small kitchenware.

Next, it was the section selling casual home clothes.

Han Zhuoling could only push the trolley around each of the shelves to look.

Shi Xiaoya did not know what he was looking for and asked, “Young Master Ling, what do you want to buy”

Not long after she asked, Han Zhuoling stopped in front of a row of home slippers.

The slippers were also categorized according to autumn-winter and spring-summer series, filling up a shelf each.

“Home slippers” Shi Xiaoya found it strange and suddenly felt that there was something amiss.

A flash of light crossed her mind, yet she could not catch it in time.

Han Zhuoling was seen taking a pair of thick cotton slippers off the shelf and taking another pair of summertime slippers off the other shelf, placing them both in the shopping trolley.

Shi Xiaoya still found it strange that he was buying more than one pair of slippers.

He actually had to buy his own slippers if he did not have them at home.

Although it was on the way, he actually specifically remembered it, which was really unexpected.

“I happened to not have it,” Han Zhuoling explained, without going into detail.

Shi Xiaoya did not think much about it either and just went to the cashier to make payment once again.

They finally bought everything they wanted, and both of them pushed the trolley to the parking lot.

Han Zhuoling placed all the groceries in the car trunk and returned the trolley to the designated return area before driving off with Shi Xiaoya.


Coming back to Shi Xiaoyas home once again, he was already familiar with the way.

Han Zhuoling found a slot to park in and took out the groceries they bought from the supermarket from the trunk.

There were both big and small bags.

He carried three big bags in one hand and two other bags in his other hand.

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