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Chapter 1609: Elder Brother-in-law

“Not yet.

Im done packing the stuff required for my job.

Only my personal items are left.

Im planning to pack those later,” Shi Xiaoya explained.

Han Zhuoling then left soon after, afraid she would forget things in her hurry to pack.

“I wont bother you any longer.” Han Zhuoling put on his coat.

“Im leaving.

Pack carefully, dont miss packing anything.

Man City isnt big, and itd be pretty inconvenient if you needed to purchase anything.

Delivery takes time too, even if you shop online.

Since it was really far.

Shi Xiaoya quickly wiped her hands and sent him to the door.

“Leaving this early”

It was only half-past seven; it wasnt late.

Shi Xiaoya closed her eyes in frustration when she finished speaking.

It sounded like she couldnt bear for him to leave.


She wanted to invite him to stay overnight, was it

Wasnt it proper of her to ask a man to stay on her own initiative

If she wasnt in front of Han Zhuoling, Shi Xiaoya wouldve slapped herself.

Han Zhuoling gave a small smile.

“You still have to pack your luggage.

Man City isnt like B City, and its cold over there.

Pack carefully and dont forget anything.

Prepare everything tonight and rest early.

Dont you have to wake early tomorrow”

Shi Xiaoya gaped.

Who knew Han Zhuoling was so considerate

In the end, she only replied “Okay” in a dazed fashion.

“Its alright even if you realize youve missed something when you arrive there.

Dont panic if you cant get it in Man City.

Just tell me and Ill send someone over to deliver it immediately.

Itll reach you on the same day,” Han Zhuoling continued.

Hearing his detailed plans for her made Shi Xiaoya blush.

She was eager to hear his voice.

It was never enough for her.

Honestly, Shi Xiaoya had never been so far north before.

The winter coats worn in B City were insufficient for the temperature over there.

Hence, Shi Xiaoya had gone to purchase another super-thick down jacket.

She was on tenterhooks due to the uncertainty stemming from unfamiliarity.

Hearing Han Zhuolings words put her at ease at once.

Han Zhuoling frowned slightly, emphasizing, “You must tell me.”

Shi Xiaoya smiled, nodded.


Han Zhuolings face relaxed as he stuffed his hands in his pockets.

“Thanks for dinner tonight, it was delicious.”

Shi Xiaoya was embarrassed, feeling undeserving of his compliments.

The sashimi needed no seasonings, only slicing.

The rest all had readymade seasonings.

She did not have the chance to show off her cooking skills.

Yet Han Zhuoling still praised her.

“Goodbye.” Han Zhuoling looked at her.

He wouldnt have left so early if she didnt have to pack her luggage.

Hence, he took his own sweet time by the doorway, never leaving despite saying much.

Shi Xiaoya nodded.

“Take care on the road.”

“Alright.” Han Zhuoling smiled in return.

Shi Xiaoya watched him leave as she thought back to how she feared this man initially.

How ridiculous the fear was!

He was clearly an even-tempered person who loved to laugh.


Han Zhuoling walked out from the lift and found someone was standing outside as well.

“Young Master Ling!” The other party was surprised.


Shi.” Han Zhuoling exited the lift, slightly shocked too, but nodded calmly otherwise.

He never expected to bump into Shi Xiaoyas brother, Shi Nancang, here.

Shi Nancang was flattered by Han Zhuolings unexpected recognition of him.

“Never thought Young Master Ling would recognize me.”

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