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Chapter 1610: A Tad Scary

Han Zhuoling gave a small smile.

“Ive seen you at a dinner party before.

Plus, you are young and promising.

How could I not know you”

Shi Nancang was delighted.

“Does Young Master Ling stay here”

“No, I came to visit a friend,” he explained.

Shi Nancang would never have expected that the man standing in front of him had just been to his sisters home.

Otherwise, it didnt matter who he was, Shi Nancang would never be speaking so pleasantly, much less smile at him.

Han Zhuoling even acted as if he knew nothing.


Shi lives here”

“Oh, no, its my sister.

She lives here alone.

Shes going on a business trip tomorrow and Im here to give her some things.” Shi Nancang raised the rather large bag he was holding.

Han Zhuoling then noticed it.

“So your sister lives here too.

What a coincidence,” Han Zhuoling said with such a straight face, no one could see that he was pretending.

“I remember your sister is signed under the Han Corporation and shes quite a well-known makeup artist within the country,” Han Zhuoling said.

“But although shes signed under the Han Corporation, she has her own studio, and Ive never seen her before even when Im in the Han Corporation building.”

Shi Nancang never thought Han Zhuoling would know Shi Xiaoya and immediately felt a sense of pride.

His sister was indeed superb.

“Then I shall be going.

Well chat next time when we have time,” Han Zhuoling said to Shi Nancang.

Though he knew those might just be polite words, he still agreed readily.

Han Zhuoling watched as Shi Nancang entered the lift.

The doors did not close instantly, and Shi Nancang noticed that Han Zhuoling had not left, as if to stay and watch the doors close.

He took out the card from his pocket and smiled politely at Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuolings gaze landed on the card in Shi Nancangs hands.

He narrowed his eyes.

Even Shi Nancang had the card to Shi Xiaoyas home, yet he didnt have one.

Shi Nancangs smile was so stiff by now that his facial muscles almost wavered.

He wondered why Han Zhuoling was still not leaving.

Was he going to see him off

This treatment was way too good.

Finally, the doors were about to shut and Shi Nancang hurriedly waved to Han Zhuoling.

“Goodbye, Young Master Ling.”

“Goodbye.” Han Zhuoling nodded slightly.

The doors snapped shut and Shi Nancang heaved a sigh of relief, exclaiming, “Who knew Young Master Ling was so friendly”

He was friendly, but just a tad scary.

He wondered which friend of his actually lived in the same building as Shi Xiaoya.

Because the family bought a rather luxurious place for Shi Xiaoya, Shi Nancang wasnt surprised even if Han Zhuolings friend lived here.


Shi Xiaoya sent Han Zhuoling off and set about preparing to pack her luggage, but a feeling that she forgot something important was nagging at her.

But no matter how hard she tried, she couldnt remember what it was.

She considered, and shrugged.

She probably wouldnt forget it if it was really that important.

Forgetting meant that the matter wasnt such a big deal.

Hence, Shi Xiaoya returned to the living room without a care and saw something familiar lying on the sofa.

Walking over, she saw that it was actually Han Zhuolings tie!

Shi Xiaoya smacked her head, finally recalling the important matter that had slipped her mind.

She had forgotten to return the tie Han Zhuoling had left behind previously!

Wasnt Han Zhuolings purpose in coming over today to retrieve it

And now, he had come and eaten dinner, and she had forgotten to give him his tie!

Not only did he not take the tie left behind yesterday, he even left a new tie behind today!

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