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Chapter 1613: Luckily, She Did Not Let Anything Slip

Shi Nancang could only let her be.

It was rare that he could eat a dinner personally cooked by his younger sister.

Even if it was just a simple bowl of noodles, Shi Nancang would also be happy.

Shi Xiaoya cooked some noodles for Shi Nancang and sat opposite him to watch him eat.

Shi Nancang was not picky.

The siblings of the Shi family had been taught well from a young age.

Although both of them were born with a silver spoon and had been under exquisite care from the moment they were born, both siblings were neither spoiled nor delicate people.

They could take hardship and did not bother about trifles.

Even now, Shi Nancang was not disdainful of whether the food was pristine or not.

He did not even mind having the noodles that Shi Xiaoya had bought online.

“What did you eat for dinner” Shi Nancang asked after slurping in some noodles.

Shi Xiaoya told him all that she ate truthfully.

Shi Nancang said in surprise, “You ate it all yourself You ate so much”


Didnt I tell you just now that Yujie came over We ate it together tonight.

I was the one who cooked,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“You ladies can really eat.” Shi Nancang was speechless.

Shi Xiaoya laughed awkwardly and said, “We bought small portions, so it was still okay.”

Shi Nancang did not suspect anything and had just casually asked.

He said sentimentally at this moment, “As your elder brother, I rarely have the chance to eat a meal you cooked, yet its actually Yujie whos working with you that had such a good treat.”

Shi Xiaoyas culinary skills were average.

It was not super good; it was just that as her elder brother, he was a little jealous.

Shi Xiaoya cupped her cheeks with her hands and said as she smiled cheerfully, “Then you can come over often, Big Brother.

Ill cook for you.

Or how about I cook during the weekend when I come home, after I come back from my work trip You, Dad, and Mom can try it.”

“Sure,” Shi Nancang readily agreed.

After eating, Shi Nancang left, leaving time for Shi Nancang to pack up.

After sending Shi Nancang off, Shi Xiaoya heaved a sigh of relief.

Luckily, she did not let anything slip.

Or else, if Shi Nancang knew that Han Zhuoling came over to her house, she would not have been able to explain herself.

Even if there was nothing going on, he would misunderstand that there was something going on.

Shi Xiaoya washed up Shi Nancangs cutlery and bowl and started to pack her own luggage.

In the week before this, she had already started making a list.

This was her habit.

She would usually list out the things she wanted to bring a week before.

So whenever she recalled something in a day, she would add it to the list.

Usually, within a weeks time, she would be able to take into full consideration the things that she needed to bring.

When she packed in this way, as long as she packed the things on the list one by one and struck it off the list after she did so, she would avoid the panic of last-minute packing and the situation where she only realized she forgot to bring this or that when she reached foreign land, which would be troublesome as well.

Shi Xiaoya packed her things one by one according to the list before checking conscientiously all the items on the list from top to bottom again.

There was nothing she left out, so she locked the luggage and pulled it over to the entrance of the house, so that she could just take it out with her the next morning when was leaving the house.

There was another smaller luggage of about 20 inches next to the big luggage, which contained all the things she needed for work.

After packing everything, Shi Xiaoya went to bathe, intending to sleep comfortably after that.

Yet when she returned to her bedroom and flipped her blanket over, she saw the tie that she had hidden under it earlier on.

Shi Xiaoya smacked her head.

She had forgotten about this.

She picked up the tie and carefully rolled it up, placing it beside the tie from yesterday which she forgot to return.

Shi Xiaoya sighed.

She did not manage to return the tie, and the ties just multiplied.

Since she needed to put away Han Zhuolings tie anyway, the drawer was also slightly tidied up by her.

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