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Chapter 1625: Han Zhuoling Called Early in the Morning

One camp was the bystander type who just wanted to watch the drama unfold and join in the fun.

Meanwhile, the other camp was pretty interesting.

They did not say that Shi Xiaoya was trying hard to form an OTP with Han Zhuoling but just kept crying that they were about to lose another husband.

They made comments such as:

“Originally, when Han Zhuoli said he had a fiancee, I still did not believe it and told myself that theres a chance they might break up.

In the end, Han Zhuoli got married.

I could only become an ex-wife in silence and come into Han Zhuolings arms.

Yet now, youre telling me Han Zhuoling is going to leave singlehood Return my husband to me!”

Shi Xiaoya pinched her cheeks, which were burning ridiculously hot.

These people really… really liked to crack jokes hahaha.

Yet, Shi Xiaoya still could not help but stare at Han Zhuolings Weibo post and could not take her eyes off of it.

Those words were clearly so ordinary, yet her heart just kept beating faster and faster when she looked at it.

Seeing her name being mentioned specifically by him just gave a very different feeling.

After scrolling through the sparse few Weibo posts that he had posted before, she saw she had never individually tagged anyone.

Previously, she did not care about anything after shed gone to sleep.

Usually for this kind of thing, she could not be bothered to care about it.

What you dont see wont hurt you.

But now, when she saw Han Zhuoling post that, she went to see other things and noticed that Shi Nancangs good friends had already posted similar posts before Han Zhuoling did.

Originally because of their involvement, her and Han Zhuolings issue had already been weakened.

It was because Han Zhuoling suddenly made that post that the popularity of those comments got bumped up again.

What Shi Xiaoya did not really understand was, if Han Zhuoling wanted to help her, there was clearly nothing going on already before that.

Nothing would have happened even if he did not post anything.

Shi Xiaoya could finally bear to exit Weibo.

Yet she opened WeChat and found her chat with Han Zhuoling.

She had already opened it, but she did not type anything for a long while.

She wondered if Han Zhuoling went to sleep already at this time.

Even if he was not asleep, what could she say to him

Ask him why he would make such a Weibo post

How would she ask that

Shi Xiaoya struggled for a long time.

When she stared at the time, she saw that it was actually past 12 am, so she decided not to ask anymore.

After coming back from filming the show and the matter had died down, she probably would not feel as conflicted anymore.

Shi Xiaoya then put down her phone once again.

Alas, she could not sleep for a long time afterward.

When she really fell asleep, who could say how late the time already was.

It was to the extent that the next morning when she had been awoken by the alarm set on her phone just a few minutes before 6 am, she instantly felt a deep sense of not having had enough sleep.

After washing her face and looking in the mirror, she got a shock as well.

The heavy dark eye circles and eye bags under her eyes made her look especially tired.

As she had to rush to catch her flight, Shi Xiaoya planned to find a random cafeteria to settle her breakfast after passing the security check at the airport.

She did not put on any makeup in the morning and just used a concealer to lightly conceal her dark eye circles.

When she was done packing, it was already 6:20 am.

Shi Xiaoya was about to call for a cab.

She had just picked up her phone when a call came right at that moment.

When she looked at the screen, Han Zhuolings name appeared.

In that instant, she recalled the matter shed felt conflicted about last night.

Who knew Han Zhuoling would call early in the morning

Shi Xiaoyas hands trembled slightly.

She was already at the door.

She steadied herself before picking up the phone.

“Young Master Ling” Shi Xiaoya said.

Han Zhuoling was used to waking up early and did not have a morning temper.

However, hearing Shi Xiaoyas voice early in the morning still lifted his spirits hugely nonetheless.

“Its me.” Han Zhuolings voice sounded just like it usually did, but for some reason, Shi Xiaoya seemed to sense some warmth from his tone, as if she could see Han Zhuoling calling her with a smile on his face.

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