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Chapter 1627: On the Way

She actually lost sense of her surroundings with her intense gaze on Han Zhuoling.

She failed to notice even when Han Zhuoling was just outside the glass door.

Han Zhuoling looked amusedly at her in a trance-like state.

Who knew what she was actually thinking to just suddenly go out of focus like this

How did this silly girl manage to avoid all the traps laid by her competitors

Seeing that Shi Xiaoya still hadnt moved, Han Zhuoling rapped on the glass door.

Shi Xiaoya finally jerked out of her trance.

Han Zhuoling looked resignedly at her, saying, “Open the door, or I cant get in.”

Shi Xiaoya quickly opened the door, embarrassment rolling off her in waves.

Han Zhuoling took the two suitcases.

Shi Xiaoya hurriedly helped him open the door and followed him out.

“Let me hold one.”

“No need,” Han Zhuoling said plainly as he reached his car.

Opening up the trunk, he placed Shi Xiaoyas luggage inside.

“Get in.”

Shi Xiaoya replied “‘Kay” and went dutifully to the shotgun seat.

Not long after, Han Zhuoling came back.

He drove off after putting on his seat belt.

In her nervousness, Shi Xiaoya clenched tightly at her seatbelt.

“Young Master Ling, why are you here”

“Im going to the company, and you have to set off at 6:30, so Im sending you.

Its on the way,” Han Zhuoling explained.

He had to pass by her house on the way to the Han Corporation.

She chose this place not only because of safety but also because it was near the Han Corporation and her studio.

“Thanks for sending me.” Shi Xiaoya did not forget that though her house was near the Han Corporation, it was far from the airport.

It was a long way for Han Zhuoling to give her a lift to the airport before going to the company.

Han Zhuoling typically woke at 5 am and arrived at the company by 6 to start his day, far earlier than the other employees.

That was because it wasnt peak hour and he could finish more work in the time saved from a jam.

And now, Han Zhuoling was actually willing to sacrifice his precious work time by going a long way, all for Shi Xiaoya.

Since Han Zhuoling had already explained, Shi Xiaoya let it go and didnt persist in her questioning.

Both of them were clear as to whether it was near or not.

“Sorry, I posted a Weibo and caused trouble for you,” Han Zhuoling suddenly said, breaking the silence.

Shi Xiaoya looked questioningly at him and Han Zhuoling said, “You were asleep by then”

“Mm.” Shi Xiaoya nodded guiltily, embarrassed to say that she woke up after that and looked at the post for a long time.

But she did miss it when Han Zhuoling first posted.

“I saw your latest post,” Shi Xiaoya said frankly, “not the one you deleted before.”

Han Zhuoling explained, “Because of me, the netizens were rude to you and said nasty things.

I was sorry for that and wanted to post one as well, but who knew there were still others who could stir things up.”

Han Zhuoling tightened his lips.

“So I deleted and reposted.

But ultimately, I brought some negative impact on you.”

Shi Xiaoya smiled kindly.

“Its nothing.

I discovered some malicious comments after posting and I didnt care about them.

It doesnt matter what they say, it has nothing to do with me and doesnt affect me.

I only learned after that my brother had asked his friends to support me, and then noticed your post.

Thanks a lot.”

“It didnt help you much,” Han Zhuoling said.

“But Ive asked them to check, and the ones who were making trouble in our comment sections were paid commenters.”

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