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Chapter 1645: Threaten

“Your entertainment industrys too restrictive.

You might have a big country with a huge population, but your film industrys developing really slowly.

Theres no future for you here if you stay.

Its true that youre at the top now, but if you continue staying here, youll be a frog in a well.”

Howard said conceitedly, “Youll never know how big the international stage is if you dont go and see it.

Hollywoods not just a dream for actors, its also where you people who work in related industries yearn to develop your careers in and achieve success.

“Wang Juhuais so respected and popular over here—isnt it because he made a name for himself globally and won the Oscars before” Howard continued.

Lu Man quirked her brows.

Did Howard know the person he was speaking of was now her dad

Back when the Bourbotte incident happened, Wang Juhuai had yet to return.

Hence, Howard did not know of Wang Juhuai and Lu Mans relationship, only knowing that the lass called Lu Man was really ignorant and arrogant.

And then, Wang Juhuai went public with his reconcilation with Xia Qingwei, becoming Lu Mans stepfather.

But the news only circulated within the country.

Wang Juhuai never went back to the US nor accepted any interviews.

Even if the States had any news of him, it wouldnt be as wide-spread as it was locally.

Howard was still shooting his mouth off.

“Staying here will only confine you to a small space and it wont help you in your career at all.

Instead, youll become stagnant and even decline.

Only Hollywood could offer much more challenges.

Our screenwriters are constantly innovating and writing new topics, and youll have countless new makeup styles to discover and create.”

Howard gave a haughty laugh.

“Frankly, were at least 50 years ahead of you guys in terms of innovation, be it for films or dramas!”

Lu Man: “…”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Both admitted that the themes for Hollywoods films and television shows were far more advanced, and they didnt have stringent criterias like the local industry did, with clearly graded films.

Hence, they naturally had much more freedom in choosing what to film.

But Howard was too belittling with his words.

Howard looked arrogantly at Shi Xiaoya.

“So Do makeup for me and I can introduce you to Hollywood production crews.

The company Im in is planning to shoot a disaster film.

I can recommend you, and even if youre not head of the department, you can learn from the sidelines.

It should be extremely educational for you.”

Howard pointed lightly in Lu Mans direction.

“As long as you do makeup for me now, I can recommend you.

My makeup artist can handle the rest of her makeup.”

Howard spoke confidently, as if Shi Xiaoya would agree for sure.

“Sorry, I was invited by Lu Man, so I wont do makeup for anyone else halfway through.

Lu Man employed me, so shes my boss currently.” Shi Xiaoya didnt stop her movements as she spoke.

She couldnt waste Lu Mans time just to speak with Howard.

“No matter what industry it is, this is the most basic professionalism,” Shi Xiaoya said coldly.

Howards face tightened.

Who could have guessed Shi Xiaoya would reject him

Moreover, he could see very well that Shi Xiaoya was clearly almost done with Lu Man.

She could just leave Lu Man alone by now.

“Think carefully.

If you miss this chance, youll stay in your small circle forever.

Even if you wish to expand your career in Hollywood, you wont have the chance as long as Im there.

You do makeup for me, and I recommend you.

Otherwise, dont even think about going to Hollywood in the future!” Howard threatened lowly.

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