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Chapter 1646: Looking Down on Him

He also did not think highly of Shi Xiaoya either.

It was just that Shi Xiaoya was the best here.

But most importantly, he just wanted to annoy Lu Man.

He wanted to watch Lu Man swallow the bitter pill of humiliation and disgust her to death!

She might be quite capable in the country, and he knew who Lu Mans backer was as well.

Han Zhuoli, right

He was the top figure in the whole of their countrys entertainment industry chain.

It was no wonder then that Lu Man could dare to be so arrogant.

However, once she stepped out of this place and went to Hollywood, what would she, Lu Man, be

Howard wanted Lu Man to know that there was someone out there better than her, and somewhere out there better than her country.

Lu Man was arrogant and only used the best for everything, so he would take all those things away.

Howard had been very confident when he came over.

He knew that the people in the entertainment industry here all cracked their brains and dreamed of going to Hollywood to advance their careers.

Their Hollywood was the best in the world.

It was the goal these people worked towards on the silver screen, their land of dreams.

He believed that as long as he mentioned there would be such a chance for them there, the other party would definitely hold on to it without hesitation.

Who would let go of such an opportunity

Hence, Howard had been very confident when he asked.

He never expected the possibility of Shi Xiaoya rejecting him.

“Ive thought very clearly about it,” Shi Xiaoya said in a cold voice.

“Its impossible for me to abandon my client to go and do makeup for someone else all of a sudden.

My professional ethics do not allow me to do that.

If I did that, I wont be able to advance my career even in this country, much less go to Hollywood.

No one would think highly of me—even I would look down on myself.

Furthermore, with such a stain on my reputation, you think that even if I really went to Hollywood to advance my career, the people there wont reject me because of it”

Of course they would.

Howards face stiffened.

“Besides this, even without your recommendation, I can similarly develop my career on the international stage based on my own capabilities.

Without your appearance, this was my original plan as well,” Shi Xiaoya said coldly.

“You said if I rejected you, you would stop me from going there to develop my career.”

Shi Xiaoya chuckled.

“Its good to have confidence, although I dont believe you.

Given your current capabilities, you wont be able to do this.

Perhaps you can in the future, but if so, you can save these words for the future when you are actually qualified to use them.

Perhaps you can wait and see, see if youd be able to stop me when I try to advance my career at the international stage next time.”

Shi Xiaoya was only one step away from saying explicitly that Howard did not have such capability and did not have enough clout to do that.

That was indeed true.

If these words came from Han Zhuoli or Han Zhuoling, given their influence in the country, they might really be able to do it.

But for a young actor that had not even acted in a proper role before to dare to make such big threats to her shamelessly, he was really treating people like fools, as if they did not know anything about Hollywood.

Howards intestines were churning from her words.

This damn b*tch.

She was looking down on him!

He was about to mention Bourbottes name when Lu Man waved her hand as if she was swatting a fly and said, “I know, your uncle is Bourbotte, right!”

Lu Mans words shoved whatever Howard was about to brag about right back down his throat.

“Ill send him back the same way he came the previous time.

Perhaps he has a certain level of influence in Hollywood, but not everyone supports him.

The various camps over on your side are fighting endlessly.

You really think that based on Bourbottes influence, you will be able to do anything Even if Bourbotte himself was standing here now, he wouldnt dare to say such big words as you did,” Lu Man mocked him coldly.

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