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Chapter 1647: Want a Child

Howard did not believe that there would really be someone who would not care about his or her future prospects and sound so righteous.

But very quickly, he understood why.

Howard scoffed at Shi Xiaoya and said, “Do you think that Lu Mans background is bigger, so you want to cling to her You think she will ask Han Zhuoli to use their companys resources to clear a path for you at Hollywood Stop dreaming! It takes a lot of money and various other resources to promote someone there.

You think that as long as you pacify Lu Man, Han Zhuoli would waste so much effort just for you”

Howard said mockingly, “I advise you to think carefully on who is more worth relying on!”

Shi Xiaoya felt that this young man in front of her might have something wrong in his mind.

She did want to venture overseas to advance her career, but that was simply because she wanted to embrace bigger challenges.

But she really was not that insistent to the point that she had to do it.

When she felt that she was ready in the future to advance her career overseas and Howard really had that capability to stop her, then she would just stay in the country.

She really did not want to bother with the cheap antics of some people.

Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling happened to be working overtime today, so both of them came over together after they were done with work.

The elders of the Han Family had arrived as well.

Old Mrs.

Han had long wanted to see Shi Xiaoya in person.

She heard from Lu Man that Shi Xiaoya would also stay back to watch the competition, so how would she be able to sit still

She immediately asked Han Zhuoli to request for a few more tickets from the school and brought Shen Nuo and Lin Liye along as well.

Theyre now just waiting to see Shi Xiaoya in a moment.

Even Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei came as well, to support Lu Man.

Xia Qingweis stomach had become a little bigger, so Wang Juhuai supported her carefully along the way.

There were quite a lot of fans among the teams from the four universities.

Lu Man, Fu Kaiqi, and Li Zeyu were the three with the most number of fans.

The rest of the participants also had their own fanbase.

Hence, the tickets sold very well.

On top of that, the exchange team had Shana on board.

This being a rare appearance of an internationally famous artiste, it attracted much attention from various media companies as well.

There were many reporters on scene today.

Many of the reporters saw Wang Juhuai protecting Xia Qingwei as they came in and all followed them over.

Luckily, they still remembered that Xia Qingwei was pregnant and was of advanced maternal age, so everyone was very mindful and did not dare to come too close.

They all very understandingly gave Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei enough safe distance between them.

The reporters questions all revolved around Xia Qingweis pregnancy.

“How many months pregnant is Mrs.


“Did you go and check whether the baby is a boy or a girl”

Wang Juhuai answered their questions patiently.

This was a good thing, and the reporters were very mature as well.

They did not crowd around them, so Wang Juhuai was in a good mood and answered the questions one by one patiently.

As to whether the baby was a boy or a girl, Wang Juhuai smiled and said, “We didnt ask the doctor.

To us, whether its a boy or a girl doesnt matter, so we decided to keep it a surprise at birth.

If we know early on, it wouldnt be as meaningful anymore.”

“Dont you need to prepare baby clothes and the like in advance based on gender”

“It doesnt matter.” Wang Juhuai could be said to have a “Buddhist temper.” “How can you tell the gender of a young baby the moment when he or she is born We can just buy some gender-neutral colors for that.

Children grow up very fast as well, so we would need to buy new clothes very soon.

We can make the changes then.”

After airing their concerns about Xia Qingwei, the reporters then asked about Lu Man.

“Lu Man and Young Master Han have been married for some time.

I wonder when both of them are intending to have children”

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