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Chapter 1658: Eyes Blurred

He was just scared.

Howards face swelled beet red.

He had been fooled!

Yet in front of Han Zhuoling, he did not even dare to make a single sound about his unhappiness.

Howard clenched his fists, shaking from anger.

He had never been bullied so badly like this before!

Right at this moment, someone happily called, “Man Man.”

Everyone turned and saw that Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei had come.

Dean He accompanied them by the side.

Principal Liu had to stay outside to continue welcoming guests.

He was really unable to get away, so he did not come over with them.

When Shana and the rest saw Wang Juhuai, they were instantly shocked.

Even though the bunch of them had held their noses high ever since they came here and looked down on everything they saw, when they saw Wang Juhuai, they still could not contain their excitement.

Why would Wang Juhuai come here!

Just now, when Wang Juhuai said “Man Man” in Mandarin, they all understood the pronunciation.

However, the intonations of Mandarin Chinese were still a little difficult for them to understand.

So it was difficult for them to connect “Man Man” and “Lu Man” in that instant.

“Dad, Mom.” Seeing both of them come, she immediately took quick steps over and asked, “Why are both of you here There are many people here and its messy.

What if you knocked into something here or there”

“Its fine, we just came over here to take a look and will leave soon.

The school has especially arranged a lounge for your mom.

Im here protecting her, so dont worry,” Wang Juhuai said as he smiled.

He then saw Lu Mans face clearly and said, “Aiyo, my precious daughters face had been so covered with makeup, I almost couldnt recognize you.”

“Dad, youre still the most honest one,” Lu Man said to him.

“Zhuoli just told me that I still look good even if my face was full of makeup like this.

His words are too fake, hes just saying it to please me.”

Han Zhuoli suddenly got arrowed in the knee, making him a little stunned.

Wang Juhuai burst out in laughter.

“Hes not wrong.

Although I cant recognize you, youre still my pretty daughter.”

Everybody: “…”

Haha, Lu Man did not just have a husband who was crazy about pampering his wife, she also had a father who was crazy about protecting his daughter.

The eyes of these two people must have been blurred.

They could actually say such things.

Lu Man was quite pretty normally, but with this makeup, she really could not be said to look good.

Her face shape was still there, but her whole face just became uglier.

Yet these two people could actually say that she was pretty.

That was too much.

Seeing Wang Juhuai like this, people who did not know might just mistake Lu Man to be his biological daughter.

When they came just now, the sounds of people talking inside had reverberated out as well.

Although they did not know the cause, they could also guess that it was definitely Howard who kicked up a fuss and caused the unhappiness.

Dean He did not ask for an explanation.

Anyway, they were not the ones on the losing end.

It was clearly Howard who suffered.

If he asked for an explanation, he would inevitably have to plead for leniency for Howard out of courtesy.

He would not do such a thing.

Hence, Dean He acted as if he did not know anything and said as he chuckled, “Hows everyones preparation coming along The performance is about to start now.

The exchange team is the last team to perform.

The first up on stage will be the Donghua Film Academys students.

Everyone, plan your time properly.

Dont make a mad rush just when youre about to go up to perform.”

“The students who are done preparing but are not the first to perform, you all can proceed to your seats at the competition area and be seated first.

The friendly competition is about to officially begin soon,” Dean He said, smiling like an old fox.

Shana could not think of asking Dean He for help either at this moment.

All her attention was now on Wang Juhuai.

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